Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • David Graham
    David Graham
    tor1500. Let me get this straight, your still a JW, yet you do not actively participate in all the wibbly wobbly stuff that JW's are commanded to do?
    I'm sure this would cause untold amount of strife for you, not to mention the rank and file avoiding you, as if you have the Zika Virus!
    Not only that. It is a well known fact that Jehovah was invented by a Catholic Monk. So forgive me for exclaiming your story to be total pig shit.
  • Finkelstein

    Kind of a stupid question to ask .

    Did Jehovah protect the organization in the Candice Conti case ?

    It cost the WTS/JWS millions for neglect and for the irresponsible behavior of doing what it had in the past and that is covering up situations of pedophilia within the organization.

    For decades this organization has been doing this very thing and even pointed its finger at the Catholics for doing so.

    Men were the only ones who have been protecting the JWOrg. and self avowed themselves to protect its public image, lying and deceiving along the way ....... disgusting

  • Phaedra
    No. I think Jehovah is a mass-created tulpa.
  • OrphanCrow
    finkelstein: For decades this organization has been doing this very thing and even pointed its finger at the Catholics for doing so.

    They still are. Note fisherman's last post.

    Rather than address a defect in the JW's, he conveniently gave a link to the Catholic Church's issues.

    "See? Look at them!"

  • Finkelstein

    Actually the Catholic church has recently instituted a rigid investigation and monitoring of priest before they are given a position at a church, as well anyone who works in their churches too.

    Should the WTS/JWS do this as well ....... yes of course.

  • zeb

    Fisherman. "it don't seem to me that they have any interest in injustice"

    well what the hell do you think they are there for? This Royal Commission is set in place by request of the Australian Prime Minister to HM the queen. A rc is done when when there is an issue so bad or wracked with such injustice that it requires a microscope to check very detail this is why they take so long and in this case why this society guards its children greatly not pretending that abuse didn't happen. A rc has powers to call in all manner of records and documents from birth certificates to various licences of people involved it is that thorough hence it takes a long time to sift and decide who will be questioned for what. It takes a very dim view of entities who refuse to present records or who arrogantly attempt to bluff their way from the stand.

    Have you listened yet to the evidence given by the witness (called bcf from memory now) of her abuse? or the next ot the next.

    Yes the rc will make it recommendations to the federal Government here who will then enact laws to make amends or force the paying of compensation or whatever it may do. Yes it is the commission for I am not doing this as you attest I was merely a witness to the commission initially telling them of the abuse my offspring suffered. But regards this site many did not understand how it all works and this is why I (with legal background) went to lengths to explain the ins and outs of the matter.

    Tell me, what would be your actions on finding and admitting to yourself that your children had been abused by a fellow jw.? Go to the elders? You do have kids do you?

    My thanks to you all for you replies lesser and greater.

  • millie210

    I happened to be attending an event held in a Catholic center. In the washroom I noticed a sign up on the wall by the light switches that said if you know of any inappropriate sexual conduct towards a child please call this hotline and a number was given.

    Do you think EVER in your wildest imagination the JWs would be that forthcoming in trying in ANY way to address the child abuse problem in their ranks?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Do you think EVER in your wildest imagination the JWs would be that forthcoming in trying in ANY way to address the child abuse problem in their ranks?''

    No. Never.

  • LisaRose
    I LisaRose,
    You make some great points...I do understand where you are coming from. But everything that the org. teaches isn't wrong, just like everything our parents told was not all wrong yet not all right either.

    Well, no offense, but not being 100 percent wrong is a pretty low bar to meet. Most religions could say that.

    I much rather believe that the media is making this up. Wow. I guess they don't care if they ruin lives as long as it's not theirs.

    What makes you think the media is just talking things up? I guess they are not perfect, but what would be their motive?

    Amazing. I think that is why I shy away from having a study, because I know TTATT. Plus I have a lot on my plate anyways...having a bible study is like having a have to put a lot of time in. I like field service because I get a chance to be out with the friends & most of my group, they are nice and easy going. We have a good time...most of the time, nobody opens the door or even takes a magazine, but that's life.

    But what is the point of your going out in service if no one listens? Sure, it's not horrible, but isn't there something more productive you could be doing with your time? This is one of the things that made me crazy about being a JW, the horrible inefficiency of field service. This is supposedly life saving work. If you really believe you could be saving lives you would find a way to connect with more people. If you aren't looking for a way to actually connect with more people, then you are just "getting your hours" and what is the point of that, other than to make mother happy? (Mother being the organization). At some point in a person's life, making other people happy loses its joy, you have to find meaning for your own self.

    My body is there but I don't drink all the kool aide...I drink some then spit out what I know not to be true...I have a hard time swallowing Jesus is Michael the archangel & that Jesus is the one on the horse with a bow & no arrows. To me they are calling Jesus the anti-Christ...aren't those horses going out are bringing in the apocalypse ? Plus how could Jesus open the scrolls ride out & come back to announce the next horseman.

    You know thinking is considered a dangerous thing in this organization? Be careful that no one notices you are actually doing it, lol.

    I think the Org. dug to deep into the scriptures & saw stuff that wasn't there. I can read the bible & know sometimes or most of the time they way they present the scriptures isn't really true. But one has to read for themselves. But most don't because the org. tells you & for some it's better that way because they are too lazy to find out if it's true...All their answer is, is Jehovah said so...& so does the bible. I know some of them know what's going on that is why they are suppressed not depressed....Someone wrote on this forum....I don't mind questions I can't answer but I don't like answers that I can't question....Profound

    Yeah, that's the problem. At some point these questions you have will bubble up and come out in some way. Just be careful, because there is very little tolerance in this organization for independent thinking. Frankly, most elders have not given this as much thought as you have. If you start asking questions, don't be surprised if you get blowback, because you will make them very uncomfortable, they will have to shut you down, no matter how nice they seem and how sympathetic they might be initially, Just Saturn's.

  • Diogenesister
    MakemeanunbelieverGood must be weighed against bad. Creator scales may differ .from ours.

    .well if the Creator puts so little value on abused children he can go FUCK HIMSELF Flag Dislike

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