Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • Fisherman

    serious business

    100 years of existence and legal victories in the US making history as having more wins in the Supreme Court in US history and legal victories all over the world and 8 millions strong, marching through Court Street in Kings county for 100 years! (The champions!) That is serious business!

  • OzGirl

    Angus Stewart said that it is a prosecutable offence to conceal a pedophile.

    Sounds like serious business to me.

  • Fisherman

    How long have JW been in Australia with the same policy? and only now they are investigated?


    Very interesting to see if any JW is actually prosecuted.

  • just fine
    just fine
    A God that would allow children to be raped, molested, or abused in order to protect his "organization" is not a God I want to know.
  • smiddy

    tor1500 ,

    Welcome to the the real world , the ARC is an Inquiry into Institutional Abuse of Children by Organizations ,and as has been covered , can only recommend action be taken by the Judicial system where they see fit.

    The ARC has no power to prosecute anyone itself .If they do make such a recommendation to the legal profession to investigate someone , it can take months or even years for this process to come to an end , one way or another .

    The law moves at a snails pace , that`s the reality of it all .

    Fisherman , how long has the Catholic Church been in , not only Australia , but the whole world , and they too are only now undergoing this scrutiny along with other organizations ,?

    It`s long overdue.


  • WTWizard
    Joke-hova is merely protecting its organization to enslave the whole human race. That thing also protected the cat lick church, because joke-hova needed it to produce a dark age and destroy all knowledge that would have helped us advance. Joke-hova is now protecting the jokehovian witlesses, along with all the other xian and islam religions, for the same reason. Meanwhile, it is protecting all manner of injustice to retard science and advance these bogus religions for the purpose of enslaving us all.
  • Fisherman

    in order to protect his "organization" is not a God

    Great thing about being God is that He gets to judge and punish and if WT deserve it he will make sure that they will, on the other hand if he decides to protect the WT, I would hate to be WT enemy. One way or another WT always leaves things in God's hands and in-spite of what they publish in their literature, they have never used the legal arena or any other means or scheme to get back at Babylon the Great or any other entity that has harmed them. Watch and see how all of this will play out.

  • Fisherman

    Catholic Church

    This ain't the same. Catholic church did not defrock and the problem with them was not the parishioners confessing sins but church minsters doing the crimes. With the JW it is about reporting sinners to the police.

  • talesin
  • Fisherman
    Talis, I responded to the question asked on this Topic.

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