Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • Heaven
    No. Jehovah is a mere concept, a fantasy, a myth. Things that don't exist cannot protect anything.
  • ToesUp

    We were ALWAYS given the example of our young one (even little Kindergarten kids) speaking with boldness and being proud to be one of Jehovahs people.

    When Geoffrey Jackson was asked by the Royal Commission, if they were Jehovahs spokespeople, Jackson's reply was not speaking with boldness. He replied...that it would be presumptuous to say that we are the only spokesperson that God is using. So, if they aren't the only ones, who else is? If the GB is not proud and bold, how can they expect small children and adults to follow their example?

  • redpilltwice

    There is a passage in the NT (one of the gospels I believe) where Jesus said that his followers would be brought to courts to face charges and that they should not prepare their defense in advance because holy spirit will enable them, in that hour, to speak with irrefutable wisdom that their prosecutors could not counter.

    This is it Island Man.

    (Luke 12:11, 12) 11 When they bring you in before public assemblies, government officials, and authorities, do not become anxious about how or what you will speak in defense or what you will say, 12 for the holy spirit will teach you in that very hour the things you should say.”

    And to the question Do you think Jehovah is protecting the org I'd say, NO! Not according to this verse:

    (Amos 3:7) For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing Unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.

    We know JW.(b)ORG is not his prophet.

  • Naoscillator

    Let's do this in the style of the "Imitate Their Faith" book.

    The worldly-wise lawyer looked at his papers. Picture him pridefully studying his exhibits, correspondence and memoranda, without bothering to look up as Brother Jackson boldly made his defense. Brother Jackson, his eyes ever observant, changed course on a dime just like Jehovah's celestial chariot. Giving the lawyer the benefit of the doubt, the wise brother asked, "Excuse me Mr. Stewart, can you hear me?"

    "Yes, I can hear you Mr. Jackson." How quickly that cunning barrister replied! What bitterness in his heart, only giving a bare minimum of his attention to the future associate king who would soon have a share in shattering worldly nations with an iron rod! No doubt this future judgment was on his mind as he desperately tried to trip up our brother and turn honesthearted observers away from true worship with his serpentlike questioning.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well, if Jehovah is protecting the org from the Royal commission into child sexual abuse, then he is guilty of shielding them from justice.

    That makes him just as guilty.

    After all, If a crime is committed in the community, and someone has knowledge of it and hides the guilty, they can be charged too!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    This is it Island Man.

    (Luke 12:11, 12) 11 When they bring you in before public assemblies, government officials, and authorities, do not become anxious about how or what you will speak in defense or what you will say, 12 for the holy spirit will teach you in that very hour the things you should say.”

    Thank you redpilltwice. Add to the above scripture Luke 21:14,15 which says:

    Therefore, resolve in your hearts not to rehearse beforehand how to make your defense, 15 for I will give you words and wisdom that all your opposers together will not be able to resist or dispute.

    What Geoffrey Jackson and other JWs said in their testimony at the ARC was successfully disputed and resisted by the commissioners. The JWs were on the defensive, looking like dishonest scoundrels caught lying and exposed for reprehensible policies. They did not exhibit any irresistible or indisputable words of wisdom.

  • LisaRose

    There are other abusive cults that have gotten away with child abuse and other immoral and illegal acts, is Jehovah protecting them too? Scientology, the Moonies, the Mormons just to name a few. Scientology is one of the worst, they managed to be classified a religion and gain tax exempt status despite not actually being a religion, use goon squads to intimidate and harass former members who speak out and keep their lawyers very busy filing lawsuits over any perceived slight. The Moonies are even more abusive than the JWs in using cult mind control, they have enormous financial power and have even infiltrated governments.

    That these groups still exist is simply due to the nature of cults, they use mind control to manipulate their followers into doing what they want and have enormous power over their members, God has nothing to do with it.

  • OrphanCrow
    fisherman: ...the problem with them was not the parishioners confessing sins but church minsters doing the crimes. With the JW it is about reporting sinners to the police.

    And therein lies the fundamental problem.

    When you speak of the Catholic priests you call them "ministers doing the crime".

    Yet, when you speak of JWs, all of a sudden those "crimes" become "sins".

    Here, let's fix that for you:

    "With the JW it is about reporting criminals to the police."

  • ttdtt
    So instead of god using his super powers to makes sure children are NOT raped by elders and ministerial servants, he uses his universe creating power to make sure the authorities cannot take action against sex criminals so they can stay safe in the loving arms of the org?

    That is pretty convoluted thinking.
  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Love all of your comments. I was asking if Jehovah is letting the org. down easy because so many would be hurt mentally, because the org. is all they have. Or should I say what they chose to only have. I have spoken to many of them & don't want to generalize, but I don't think many come from well balanced homes...not that anyone has, but most witnesses have some strange beginnings. Even some that have family in, I've noticed at times they don't even sit next to them at the hall. There are some that are related, & you don't find out until later, from someone else. I come from a pretty good home life...not perfect, but I'm able to cope with life. I once remember on this site a person found out TTATT, & they almost went into a deep depression. It rocked their world. Someone also mentioned here, this subject that other cults have this problem, well how did they find out, word of mouth, the media, but with the org. it seems to be isolated. No one on this side of the world is talking about it...not one peep. I think it's an elephant in the room & folks know, because how can one not know & we have the internet. Another question to all of you...Do you think most know but too shocked & afraid to say anything because they have been pointing fingers at other religions...The word pride comes to mind...& we all know pride comes before the fall, & who was the first to fall because of got it Satan. The org. is accountable. But I think because they did point fingers, they will stand by their org. no matter what. It's like talking about other people's children & then come to find out that your kids are doing the same thing or even worse. That's a lot of egg on ones face. Being a part of God's org. is a badge of honor for majority of witnesses..they feel special where otherwise they have no power. They feel privy to carry Jehovah's matter if the doctrine does flip flop....They are not there because it's the truth they are there because they feel chosen just like the Jews who they look down because they feel chosen too. I've even heard some say, we are carrying Jehovah's name...just like a female who finally gets married & carries her husbands name...she so proud...the husband could be crazy as a bed bug but she's so happy to have a Huuuus'band...I came in with my eyes wide open & never thought it was God's org. 'Cuz God isn't partial. Why would he look down at Penn. & say, ah, that's them, yep, them the ones I want to carry my name...NOT... Most of them are depressed, have more ailments then one could name....hate to work, complain everything is expensive, yet, most of them own homes & nice cars (well on my side of the world, that is)...They complain that things are expensive just to sound lowly & that they agree with God about how this system is. They have the money to do what they want, but just don't want to tell anyone because they would have to help their fellow man, so might as well cry broke, so they don't have to help anyone. Most know the scriptures but don't apply them...we talk about love all the time & you can see their busy pens writing about love...but you can't write it it's something you have to feel. Many of them didn't come up in a loving home, so they don't have any experience with it. I'm just happy that Jesus didn't have any kids, because more than half of the JW's would say they are his would really be a bigger mess. I do like the fact that some of your said....if God was protecting, then why not protect the children....great thought. I was just curious of how some felt about this...I dare not talk to anyone in my that's why I'm on this site, just so I can vent & see that others see what I see, even more than I see. Even if you are a die hard have to admit that the brothers should have directed them to the police & you know are saying to wait on God, because you don't want the org. to have to be accountable & hope that's just because it's on the other side of the world it will die down & the org. can go back to business as usual. God doesn't need any of us to carry his name or to sanctify his name...He's God all by himself. He just allows us humans to do something for him to keep us busy otherwise we would get into more trouble. That's why many are JW's if left without field service, meetings, etc, they would get into trouble. I hope we all stay in contact on different subjects. But no matter what...The brothers should have told the police...bottom line. That's the only question that should be answered to the point. Yes or No, & if not...Why?


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