Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • LisaRose
    Another question to all of you...Do you think most know but too shocked & afraid to say anything because they have been pointing fingers at other religions...

    Yes, I think that is part of it. No doubt most JWs have come across information that is in conflict with Watchtower teachings and history, but they reject it because of cognitive dissonance. To accept this information they would have to admit that they were wrong, that everything they believe is a lie, that they have themselves been teaching a lie. That is a bitter pill to swallow, it's easier to believe the information must be wrong.

    It's normal human behavior, we have to protect our fragile egos. For example, if a detective investigating a crime becomes convinced someone is guilty they have proven that in the majority of cases they will focus in on evidence that proves guilt and ignore evidence that would indicate the person was innocent or that someone else did the crime. This is how innocent people end up in the gas chamber. Even when so much exculpatory vidence is found the person is set free, the detective will often refuse to admit they made a mistake.

    It may be that the person who ignores evidence the Watchtower is wrong will eventually start to consider it, but it usually takes some kind of trauma, like being disfellowshipped or a personal trauma. Or they come acriss too many things that are too convincing to ignore. At that point all their suppressed doubts come back and they are able to break free mentally.

    I don't think most JWs will ever get to that point unless something major happens to the religion itself.

  • freddo

    @tor 1500

    I'm sure your last post was very interesting but unfortunately without paragraph breaks it's hard to read.

  • tor1500

    HI LisaRose,

    You make some great points...I do understand where you are coming from. But everything that the org. teaches isn't wrong, just like everything our parents told was not all wrong yet not all right either. You made a great point about a detective investigating a crime & be wrong...just like the police....they may have shot someone in error, but won't say so. I know it's hard to admit you're wrong...nobody wants to be wrong, but that's called life, one will be wrong at one time or another...I think you are right, something has to affect them to see the real picture, right now most think don't rock the boat. So you think that they don't believe the what's happening on the other side of the world? But this is pretty major, it's not like someone stole a cookie from the cookie jar. They much rather believe that the media is making this up. Wow. I guess they don't care if they ruin lives as long as it's not theirs. Amazing. I think that is why I shy away from having a study, because I know TTATT. Plus I have a lot on my plate anyways...having a bible study is like having a have to put a lot of time in. I like field service because I get a chance to be out with the friends & most of my group, they are nice and easy going. We have a good time...most of the time, nobody opens the door or even takes a magazine, but that's life. My body is there but I don't drink all the kool aide...I drink some then spit out what I know not to be true...I have a hard time swallowing Jesus is Michael the archangel & that Jesus is the one on the horse with a bow & no arrows. To me they are calling Jesus the anti-Christ...aren't those horses going out are bringing in the apocalypse ? Plus how could Jesus open the scrolls ride out & come back to announce the next horseman. I think the Org. dug to deep into the scriptures & saw stuff that wasn't there. I can read the bible & know sometimes or most of the time they way they present the scriptures isn't really true. But one has to read for themselves. But most don't because the org. tells you & for some it's better that way because they are too lazy to find out if it's true...All their answer is, is Jehovah said so...& so does the bible. I know some of them know what's going on that is why they are suppressed not depressed....Someone wrote on this forum....I don't mind questions I can't answer but I don't like answers that I can't question....Profound.


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Fisherman: Horse feathers! (12 hours ago page 4)

    Oh my....I was soo getting used to....Hogwash! Next time you sense a conniption fit coming on while on this forum feel free to use a favorite of mine...Poppycock!

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    It's funny that you said that...after I posted it..I said...oops I should have broken it down in paragraphs...No problem. Will make sure I do. I hope you get a chance to read my posts, if you have the time.I kind of like them. You see I'm a JW & you just corrected me & I admitted I was wrong LOL.

    In this life we will be wrong sometimes...and that's ok. No Ego here. I once had a boss that said, Once I was wrong but I was mistaken....LOL.

    2 paragraphs...


  • OrphanCrow
    I hope you get a chance to read my posts, if you have the time.I kind of like them. You see I'm a JW... must be cold where you are.

    Be sure you enter your hours, dear.

  • Fisherman
  • OrphanCrow

    You are using deflection, fisherguy.

    Address the way that JWs (and you) regard child abuse a "sin" instead of a crime. That is what my post was about.

  • tor1500


    To be vague, it sure is....Yeah, go out in the cold so you can serve Jehovah....DEAD...I have enough sense not to go out when it's very very cold....I'm not concerned with the hours...the hours only validate our egos...Jehovah don't need no hours, man does. We need hours so we can say to one another...guess what ? I went out in 3 below...& I did so & so many hours...I do what I can.

    Many of JW's put many hours in & that's good, for them. Many need to be validated & a pat on the back. At this time in my life, I'm comfy in my own skin & don't need any brother to say ...Good JOB.

    They are people just like me. How many have we seen in the org. that seem to be a good examples, always at the meetings, great comments, lots of hours in FS...then one day from the platform. "We have an announcement to make...So & So is no longer a JW". I don't worry about putting in time, I go about my life as an example. I try to treat folks the way I like to treated.

    I like the story of the good Samaritan...who is my neighbor, everybody...I don't choose people that only look like me or worship like me, think like me. I talk to all sorts of folks & if they don't want to be a witness, so be it. I tell them what I can & that's all I can do.

    Most people are pretty decent. I don't use the term worldly people, cause we are all in the world & with all the stuff going on in the world don't think that some of that stuff doesn't slip into the org.

    I think I'm just disappointed that because they say it's the truth, they don't tell the truth....but only man said it was The Truth, God never sent a memo saying...You guys are the truth...meaning if they were the truth, they would tell about the ARC & let the chips fall where they may. It's only their Pride that keeps them from telling all.

    The bottom line, they should have never talked about other religions. Don't point fingers. I've also heard many of the JW's say well they talk about us, then I say, then why stoop to their level ?


  • freddo


    So am I to infer from your post that the "one true religion (jw's)" is excused by what the Catholic church does?

    To paraphrase O/C "you are deflecting ... address why JW's leadership (and you) regard "child abuse" as a "sin" instead of both a sin and a crime"


    No worries - tired eyes is all!

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