Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • John Free
    John Free

    Its sickening how the WT slammed in to other religions for their pedophile problems.

    Yet no WT or YB has ever mentioned anything about the problems and lawsuits going on in JW organisation. - 'its cos we're imperfect see' 'oh Satan's using the media-its all lies'

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Seems like if Jehovah wanted to help anyone, it would have been the children that were molested, especially the little girls and sometimes boys who had it happen while out in service or involved in a "theocratic" activity.

    We are used to the harsh judgement and condemnation of others who sin or make mistakes, which we learned from our JW training and experience. I believe non JW's may be more lenient toward those who have been accused of wrongdoing and are careful not to go above the law or be hasty when determining how best to enforce the law.

    It's not an easy thing to go after a large faceless organization that has a certain amount of power and influence and credibility. If Jehovah is helping them cover up their mistakes or evade punishment rather than helping the helpless little kids, then what does this say about the God of the universe?

    (Then again....he did curse and allow to continue, the suffering of billions of people and animals for thousands of years and is going to destroy a bunch of people soon so...)
  • David Graham
    David Graham
    Nope. However, I personally believe there is a higher power that goes way above the governing body. Ask yourself this question. Why do we never hear of the corporate arm of the watchtower that is based in Pennsylvania? Perhaps this is where ALL decisions are made.
    I do not believe for one minute that the 7 men in Brooklyn have sole say in watchtower policy!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Some of the harshest and most judgemental people imaginable are JW's.

  • talesin

    Hi! Perhaps you don't realize how big a task the ARC has undertaken. They are reviewing not just the JWS, but many organizations or groups. So the JWS are just one small part of the Commission's mission.

    Unlike the JWS and their judicial procedures, the ARC has to interview expert witnesses, survivors of the abuse, and the Watchtower representatives. Everything has to be clear and detailed - if it's not, the JWS can use any mistakes or lack of information to wriggle out of their responsibility.

    Yes, it takes a long time. And though it would be wonderful if the ARC could lay charges, they can only make recommendations about what needs to be done to protect the children.

    I hope that helps with understanding the process a little better. And no, it's not Jehovah helping them - it's just the way things work. xx tal


    Edited to say: David Graham - without a doubt, you are correct, sir! Just like other corporate executives, they have a 'Board of Directors' and 'shareholders' to answer to. Whoever, and whatever, they may be.

  • elderINewton

    It took many years to bring big tobacco down, and they are still alive and they kill people. So Jehovah must be protecting the tobacco companies as well. Must be protecting some drug lords as well.


  • sparrowdown
    The New York Seven are just useful dupes. The real decision makers are pulling the strings from a safe distance.
  • Fisherman

    It is axiomatic that JW have a policy not to report crimes that are confessed to the church to the police UNLESS mandated by law.The JW do not have any malicious motive, in fact their motive is good when they try to help sinners but the church is made up of imperfect men inspite of their good intentions. That means that sometimes they could make a mistake. And that is why JW do not feel the WT is challenged spiritually by the RC. They trust in God and if there is any agenda behind it or WT enemies are using legal proceedings to retaliate against the WT, if that is the case, they trust in God. If WT is doing something that God does not want, JW trust that God will correct the matter but JW believe that God protects the org. They go through all the steps and do all they can and do all they can legally to defend, but after that, they leave it in God's hand.

    JW do not have an army and they do not use legal proceedings or political power or any other means whatsoever to get back at entities or to protect themselves. They trust in God's protection. So, WATCH OUT!


    Does anyone think Jehovah is protecting the org. despite all the talk about THE ARC ?

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  • talesin

    Fisherman, go argue with Cofty about god. This is serious business. Not interested in your baiting.


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