...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • Hamas

    Oh look !

    6 pages of replies !

    Just what you wanted, eh Scooby ?!?!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    shaking head and muttering to myself as I check if Scoob has come back

    Looks like a mob of ex-smokers ragging one guy as he stands outside the building puffing smoke in the air

  • Ravyn

    If I am not mistaken I believe just recently Simon made a comment(I want to say it was on a Northern Girl thread...but not sure) that verified this is indeed an ANTI JW board. The reason it is not called an anti-JW board is so that doubters and those who are still JWs will not be scared away before they give it a chance.

    It could be called whatever you want to call it---this is not a discussion board promoting JWism in any way shape or form.


  • obiwan

    Nickey, I agree that scoob needs to find his own path. But you can't post on here, your love for the org, and not expect the flack that is sure to follow. Sure some of it may be a little exterme, but for the most part, everyone is right on!

    And this site is not Anti-Jw in my opinion.

    Hamas, your right, he got what he wanted...dammit!

  • Simon

    No, let me make it clear

    This site is NOT and "Anti" JW board.

    I was a JW and I would hate to think that a big group of people were "anti" me. I still have friends and relatives that I hope will leave. I am not "anti" them either.

    What it is is a place for people to dicuss JW related issues and experiences. Granted, the majority will be from exJWs as these have more freedom to use a site like this and probably more cause to.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Personally I don't think this board is solely ''Anti-Jw", I don't think too many doubters would come here and stay it it comes to that.

    What would be the purpose of it being so? As a "What is your favorite song" type of place?

    Surely, for newbies a little balance is in order, no body comes out for the first time relating to what some of we long time outers say. Without support from some of the posters here who can freely relate their feelings,

    this board would quickly grow stale, and useless.

    And if this is an Anti-JW board, then I would have to say the title alone is dubious. I believe Simon's purpose for the board is to allow free expression of honest feelings, in order to help those who have found themselves where we once were, alone and confused.

  • Ravyn

    I didnt mean anti JW as in anti people...I meant anti Borg. Scoob was not talking about liking specific people--he was talking about liking JW doctrine. I only used "JW" in the same way he did.

    If this board isn't anti-Borg then I think alot of people are fooling themselves....


  • Skeptic

    Nickey, excellent reply to Valis.

    Xena and Robyn, your replies said it all.

    Skeptic, the typical expected response would be appropriate at the AA meeting because that is not a forum for the virtues of drinking. Even if a person was quite sincere about their view, it would be rightly regarded as inappropriate to those that not only refuse to imbibe but also warn against such drinking.

    Such methods are also a cult technique. The technique is surrounding members with people who all think alike, and who jump on any who deviate from the acceptable thoughts. Soon, everyone in the group will only spout the party line.

    Such methods may be appropriate for a alcohol recovery board, I don't know. But we are not dealing with alcohol recovery here, we are dealing with recovering from a high control group. As such, helping people think for themselves and to break the habits of "group-think" are vital.

    There is a saying, "You become your enemy." Let's shed the JW methods and mindset.

    Scooby does not try to promote JW ideas, other than to say he has pleasant memories of the JWs and likes them. Is that so terrible? I have many pleasant memories of when I was a JW. When I left the Dubs, I had nothing against them. Was I a bad person? If I discovered this board then, would I be required to keep my views to myself? If so, then how is this site much different than a Kingdom Hall?

    As it was, I discovered H2O, and then found out what was wrong with the Dubs. What if H2O ragged me every time I posted something moderate or pro-JW?

    Persons who suggest that Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth or that most things are quite wonderful should be corrected on this forum...But I think that when Watchtower sympathizers express that JW's are peachy and wonderful, that view should not go unchallenged.

    There is a time and place for that. But six pages devoted primarily to ragging on Scooby for his comment? IMHO, the most valid comment made refuting Scooby is the one that pointed out that perhaps this is because he has been inactive for some time and is isolated from the "real world" of being a JW.

    A few years ago, I donated books to a local Kingdom Hall. I even drove JW relatives to the Kingdom Hall for meetings. And I would still do the same today. How many pages on this forum should be devoted to telling me how wrong that was?

    It is obvious that Scooby is on a journey, and he causes no trouble. Leave him be.

  • logansrun

    Don't anyone get me wrong -- Scoob has every right to post here. And I have every right to say he's dead wrong, confused and pusilanimous. Post away, Scoob. But remember that we have the right to respond the way we want to as well.


  • minimus

    Skeptic, I do not agree with you. When a group feels a certain way about a matter, whether they be AA members, wine enthusiasts or exJW's, that doesn't mean they share a "cult mentality". An individual or group can promote JW ideas without saying, "PLEASE JOIN US". When persons extoll the beliefs of JW's on this forum, they are promoting the Watchtower. When someone feels JW's truly have the "truth", even when ALL the evidence says otherwise, and they keep saying it, they are promoting it. That's too obvious.

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