Born: 1962, third generation JW*** Bapt: 1974- 12 yrs old*** Left home: 1985*** Started to doubt Organization: (Tacoma, WA)- District Convention 1993*** Pioneered: Jan 1980-Dec 1995 (yes that is 15 years-from age 18-34-all my youth)*** used the whole year of 1996 to plan my escape, left Jan. 1997*** Met future husband online: Nov/Dec, 1996 (did not date or think of the relationship as a romantic one for 6 months---so that blows the rumor that I left for a 'worldly man'...)*** Married: May 1, 1998 (after living together for a year with a handfasting)*** currently my husband and I both follow a pagan path and attend a Roman Catholic Church if we need a Xtian-fix. (hey! sometimes I like the 'smells and bells'! I don't care if it is Jesus or Mithra--besides Catholics are like 'pagan' anyway right? :: wink wink ::)