...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • Nickey

    Damn, leave Scoobs alone. The dude can do what he wants. Even if people disagree with it and think it's not wise, doesn't mean you have to foam at the mouth like some lunatic and spit insults in his face.

  • Skeptic

    I agree completely, Nickey.

  • minimus

    Skeptic, the typical expected response would be appropriate at the AA meeting because that is not a forum for the virtues of drinking. Even if a person was quite sincere about their view, it would be rightly regarded as inappropriate to those that not only refuse to imbibe but also warn against such drinking. JW's view apostates as those spouting spiritual pornography. There is no such thing as a little bit of disagreement is ok or a liberal view of discussing the pros and cons of Watchtower disagreement can be tolerated. Persons who suggest that Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth or that most things are quite wonderful should be corrected on this forum. That's not to say that we should try to hurt someone's feelings or be mean to them. But I think that when Watchtower sympathizers express that JW's are peachy and wonderful, that view should not go unchallenged. Just because we disagree with a perspon's idea, it certainly doesn't mean we don't still care for the person.

  • Valis

    Hey Nickey...you ever decide to get out of the org and separate from your crazy relatives?...*LOL* join the great crowd and don't sass lest ye be sassed. sccob can believe whatever he wants, just don't come here whining about how bad it is when you are unwilling to change things for yourself.


    District Overbeer

  • Nickey

    Valis, maybe you're being nice, sarcastic. Who knows. I don't know in which direction you're tryin' to come at me with. But, I'm not catching your drift nor your angle. So I'm gonna leave your comments to me alone.

    Back to my piece:

    It's nobody's place to tell anybody what to do or think. It's his life, his decision. He's the one who has to learn for himself and follow his own path. It doesn't give nobody the right to be disrespectful and riding peoples ass to kingdom come for thier own personal choices. I said my piece. It has nothing to do with me or my relatives. It has to do with the topic of this thread. Period.

    He's his own man with his own life. His own choices and his own lessons to learn. He has to see for himself. Let him. Whether he comes to the same conclusion or not is on him.

    That's the only point I came in here to make. With that said, I leave it alone and move to the next topic.

  • teejay

    Well said, Nickey. My thoughts exactly.

    I've missed your temperate voice of reason. Good to see you again.

  • Ravyn

    I have to disagree with the 'temperate voice of reason' group--- not that I agree with insults and hatred at all. BUT this IS a discussion board that is ANTI-JW and if you like JWs and believe what they say --then why are you here? And even more than that--why post it here? If you do not want a DISCUSSION(as in DISCUSSION BOARD?) then don't start a thread about something you know 99.9% of the people here disagree with. If Scoob was truly secure in his like of the JWs and their doctrines--he would not be here, and he especially would not post his displeasure at some of the things about JWs, as it has been said before-with the Birg there is a zero tolerance for any complaints against it. So obviously Scoob has doubts. And that is what this board is about-providing information to help those with doubts solidify those doubts and get strong enough to leave. It is inappropriate to come in here and post romanticized views of JWs that have no basis in reality when we are all trying to grasp reality. If it was anyone but Scoob they would be considered a troll...but we know where Scoob is in his journey.


  • Xena

    is it really???

    thought it was

  • Robdar

    I always thought that

    meant that we discussed JWs and their beliefs. Not necessarily that this board was for JWs to discuss doctrine and provide support to each other. But I do see how it could be interpreted both ways.

    Either way, I must agree with TeeJay when he said to Scooby on another thread: "To thine own self be true". Do what you feel that you must, Scooby.


  • oldcrowwoman


    Go with your. Only you who knows the answer !!!


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