...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • ScoobySnax

    RT....... the problem only becomes one, when it becomes a problem for you. If that becomes the issue, the I wish you all the luck on your way out of the JWs as I would most here. You are only rationalising how you feel, which will be backed up here in the nature of this forum. I was trying to speak from an individual perspective. You feel that way. I feel this way.

  • ScoobySnax

    Hamas...... really? Is that how you feel to someone who doesn't feel like you do anymore....."Screw you" ...... What a shame.

  • teenyuck

    I don't think Hamas is serious....He is usually so nice.

  • Hamas

    Thats exactly how I feel.

    To be a lemming in ignorance of true facts is quite acceptable. However, to continue to be a lemming with those facts presented to you is the makeup of the ultimate sin against truth and logic.

    If you like it so bad, why not waste the rest of your life in it. Your hyping it up helps nobody here; and if visitors who were studying with the Witnesses were to read your post they would be encouraged to believe that it is all good. After every experience that you have read, family breakups, child abuse, how dare you even hype this piece of shit up past the bullshit mark is beyond me.

  • Hamas

    ..... but I want to take away the screw you bit. Sorry, I had real bad day

  • ScoobySnax

    Hamas...... if its what I type that bothers you and what someone "studying" might see....... wouldn't it be up to the individual who might be reading this post, to make their own mind up either way? It would be easy for me to post "look how ex-jws become....bitter and twisted".....but that would do a great dis-service to some here.

    You are right in one respect, if I do like it so much, then I will make my own choice to "waste the rest of my life in it" That will be my choice. I hope you get over your anger soon. Be well.

  • berylblue

    One of the reasons I love Hamas so much is his candor. He says exactly what he thinks, no apologies. It may hurt, and it has hurt me at times, but I appreciate that he will always be honest. As much as I hate it, sometimes I need a figurative slap in the face. Hamas' reply to Scooby was a powerful wake up call for me. Thanks, Hamas.

    Scooby, you know I think you're a great guy. Truly. I understand what you are feeling. I really do. I myself am not sure anymore what I believe.

    Have you read Crisis of Conscience, Scooby? Forgive me if you've posted that you have. PLEASE read it. I was afraid to do so, and it hurt like hell, but I am so glad I did. The truth has, indeed, set me free. I still worry about who God is and what he wants, but I have finally shaken off the WT chains. It feels, for the most part, good. Sometimes it feels horrible and scary, though. The uncertainty of so much.

    There is, however, no uncertainty on this now for me: The WTS is not God's "organization". Indeed, where does the word "organization" even appear in the Bible?

    Sorry, don't mean to preach. There is safety in familiarity. I dont' myself feel real safe right now. But the guilt is gone (well, the guilt over not being part of the WTS).

    PLEASE read it. I will send you my copy if you would like.


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    then go back full-time 7 days a week 365 days a year and don't look back, [edit]

    I hate hypocrits who sit on the fence and want both worlds, make up your mind, make a decision and go with it, there is no right or wrong way, you are right everyone feels differently, you are on this site, that is dfing right there, would you dare go to the elders and confess you visit apostate sites, and could you go through being reproved ??? If you go back, will you come clean with the organization or go in with the attitude, what they don't know won't hurt them. THERE IS NO INBETWEEN, either you are in or you are out, make up your mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hamas made some good points

  • SheilaM

    Scooby: Is it the coverups the lies or the destruction of families you like the most about them?

    Great SCOOB now see what you've done I AGREE with Hamas oh my

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    You know for some people the decision to leave is quick. They make a decision or take an action that places them on the outside. It might not be easy but it is relatively quick

    For others the process is slower. Some will find that an examination pushes them towards a closer dependancy on life-long teachings. Others will find that it pushes them clearly away from the WTS and its teachings.

    Who are any of us to dictate how long or which direction another person should take?

    Peopla come here for a wide range of reasons. Simon has made this board open to all regardless of where they stand on their beliefs.

    We might not like thier views or their reasons. But is it possible to respect the person and whatever path they are on? even when we don't agree?

    Disrespecting others does nothing to help. support, encourage, welcome anyone here.

    You can believe that an angry post here to 1 person is going to be taken as an attack on anyone else with similat beliefs even if they are not posting.

    Remeber you too were at one time were involved in this system of belief. I doubt you became free by someone bashing "truth" over your head and telling you to get lost

    JMHO - Lee

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