...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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    minimus, I agree with your words, though I have no reason to believe that Scooby is doing anything other than being sincere.

    My reasoning is based on my gut feeling, plus Scooby's statements.

    I can relate to Scooby because I used to be where he is. Is it such a crime to have pleasant memories of a cult? Since there are typically six million JWs at anytime, I assume that there is a much greater number of ex-JWs. So, out of 10 million or so ex-JWs, is it inconcievable that one will have pleasant memories of being a JW? Is that so bad?

    The total sum of evidence against the Dubs on this site is overwhelming. Scooby can do no harm. If someone was going to return or become a JW based on Scooby's "I enjoyed being a JW, though I don't know why" comments, then they were going to ignore the rest of the evidence on this site and become a JW anyway.

  • minimus

    Skeptic, I like Scooby, too. All that I maintain is, there's a time and a place.If anyone wants to go on this board to sing the praises of being a JW or glowing about how wonderful JW's are, they have to be prepared for the results. Do that in a KH, not here (unless you don't care about the fallout).

  • Nickey

    I notice that alot of people still have hate and anger in their hearts. I admit that I have anger inside of me too. But I still have family and friends who are JW's. And I still LOVE and CARE for them. And I don't consider this place to be ANTI-JW. Or a place to bash Jw's. Because whether I like it or not, I've been one half my life and I know what it's like to have the shoe on the other foot. I know what it's like to be confused and unsure. Alone and having doubts. Jumping back in and out.

    Scoobs has every RIGHT to say what he said and to make his own choice. We don't know what's really going on in his heart and mind. And like I said, it is up to him and him alone to make that decision for himself. Pulling up his profile and yelling that he is Gay is disrespectful and has nothing to do with what he came out and said. I read this whole thread and some people chased after him ready to rip him apart for DARING to say such a thing.

    This should be a place for everyone to feel comfortable to come and discuss ANY thing JW related or whatever is on their minds. Alot here are Ex-Jw's. Few here are still Jw's. Alot of lurkers not sure of what they are. But we are all human. I don't have this "Us vs. them" mentality like I use to see as a Jw. I only see people for "who" they are. Not "what" they are. And I'm not prowling the boards looking for any JW to force a change of mind and telling them how "stupid" they are for still believing. Because I know what it feels like to believe and have someone calling you stupid and yelling at the mouth in anger. It wasn't helping me. It was only hurting me and pushing me further away. So why should I turn around and act the same way to someone else?

    I came here to learn and to get some support. But as I moved along, I also saw that I could be here to listen and to help others. Not fight and argue with who's right and wrong. And to throw facts in people's faces. Some people need to calm down... seriously. Because you get so wrapped up in fighting and arguing trying to pull people away from the JW religion that you forget how to speak in peace and let people live their OWN lives no matter how messed up it may seem to you. You can teach them and help them. But in the end, it's up to them to make the decision to stay or change.

    You can call me "stupid". It doesn't concern me. But I give Scoobs a pat on the back for speaking how he feels and I can only hope he learns for himself down the road so he can experience real freedom to be who and what he is. And see that it's not in an organization to look to, but within himself.

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  • Mecurious?

    Nickey I love your attitude good to have people like you and Nina on the forum, your my kind of girl.

    Scooby, hey whatever floats your boat dude! If it makes you happy then I'm happy.

    After my sister died (from loss of blood) I was through at least mentally anyway. Jw's are a fuc*ed up religion, but like a gospel singing friend of mine once told me; we all have choices.

    Please, please, please don't wait till it's too late and your either too old to have a choice or your dead.



  • Valis

    Nickey...I wasn't trying to be ugly...I have my own set of crazy JW family members to deal with and if I offended then I'm sorry, no offense intended. I have a different outlook and way of expressing myself, sometimes good and sometimes to harsh for people....in this case though as my friend sixofnine once said..."personal growth sometimes requires brutal honesty". I think that is true. If you go back and look at what I posted to scoob you will find I just laid it out plain and simple. And yeah maybe a little hard on him when I posted to you, but I stand by my words.


    District Overbeer

  • blacksheep

    Hey granted, ScoobySnaks has a right to his/her view. Just as we all have. What I found to be missing in the OP was any remote explanation as to WHY Scooby feels the JW org is deserving of love. (Note: I love my JW relatives, but not because they are dubs, IN SPITE of that).

    Therefore, I don't find challenges to Scooby's gushy OP to be out of line in the least.

  • avengers

    You've convinced me. I'm going back.

    Oh the joy.

  • Skeptic
    Hey granted, ScoobySnaks has a right to his/her view. Just as we all have. What I found to be missing in the OP was any remote explanation as to WHY Scooby feels the JW org is deserving of love. (Note: I love my JW relatives, but not because they are dubs, IN SPITE of that).

    Therefore, I don't find challenges to Scooby's gushy OP to be out of line in the least.

    Scooby said he didn't have a reason. That indicates he was either trolling or speaking straight from the heart. I believe he was going by his heart and feelings. No attempt was made to sway others to his view. Hence, I resent the ravenous pack of wolves that descend on Scooby when he posts. With other posters, I might feel it is fair....I have been part of such wolf packs before. But in Scooby's case, I don't see the need for a simple heartfelt comment to be followed by pages of JW-bashing or attacks. I consider the Dubs to be a very dangerous religion. Yet I can easily live with a polite poster like Scooby who simply likes the JWs. Why can't everyone else? When I left the Dubs, I did not consider them to be bad. Does anyone want to rag me about it? Simon has stated that everyone should feel welcome to come here. Why don't we just welcome Scooby and give him a cyberhug? (((ScoobySnax)))

  • ScoobySnax

    Skeptic and Nickey, thanks so much for your thoughtful and kind words on this post, they meant alot to me. Also for the PMs sent (Tink et al!), and from lots others who gave some good advice.

    Some other posters here can be a bit "rabid" at times, and that of course is entirely there own perogative. I don't really mind, often I try and count to ten, before I reply, or sometimes just skip over. Its there choice to reply as they see fit, I think you can "see" alot about someone by the tone they adopt, and words they choose, and imho these are best avoided, in the same way as you would in life.

    Thanks again anyway. Scott

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