...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • Panda

    I had some wonderful loving friendships as a dub. Many of them are still jws and no longer incontact with me. Many others have left and have gotten in touch over the last few years. We indeed did have heartfelt conversations. Some I miss terribly but I would not compromise myself any longer. I just could not support what I knew was a lie.

    Scoob, You enjoy your friendships now because when they find out where you post in your free time they won't be your friends anymore.

  • Skeptic

    Thank you for your kind words, Scooby.

    Panda, that was a nice, balanced, post.

    Scoob, You enjoy your friendships now because when they find out where you post in your free time they won't be your friends anymore.

    That is quite likely. There are some JWs who will still stay friends when they know a person goes to this site, but they are rare.


    After reading most of the posts, I'd have to say that scooby is contradicting himself either on purpose or he is lost and in need of some serious therapy & counseling.

    If you love the organization, you must not love yourself, as you have admitted that you are gay. And if you belief it is the truth, then you must not belief yourself, because their beliefs about gays could not possibly be yours, since you are openly gay.

    I can totally understand loving people who are jw's, after all it's not their fault. But loving the organization, you are either very confused about what love is or you know exactly what you're doing by writing such words. In both cases I would suggest therapy.

    What I suggest, is to get involved in other organizations that you don't have to hide who you are and what you really believe. That is one of the reasons the WTS is so successful, because from day one, followers are instructed to cut off their options, so I suggest go out and open your other options and I'm sure you will find people that you don't have to hide what you believe and who you say you are (maybe a gay rights activist group). If you really do love the WTS, then I suggest some counseling, because they teach you to hate yourself because you are gay.

  • kilroy2

    All I can say if you love em so god dam much than obay them and quit reading and posting here.

    As far a the dumb and dubbers are concerned, you are apostate shit. so own it.

    trying to paly 2 ends against the middle will get you burned. so if you are not trying to get attention you need therapy.

    If the later is the case I can give you a recomdation.

    It just goes to show how screwed up the dubbers can make some people. usually the weaker minds.

  • ScoobySnax

    Kilroy, if your "therapist" that you recommend is anything like your English teacher, I'd be seeking a refund.

  • xjw_b12

    OK ScoobySnax. Just got back from vacation and decided to read this post only because it was started by you. (GAWD I hate posts that are more than 2 pages)

    I've watched you here with mild curiosity since you joined, and I have come to the conclusion that you are SwordofJah...............in drag!

    I know you love the attention you get here, and you seem to like to BTTT when the thread loses steam.

    I have always enjoyed your posts and comments here.

    I mentioned in a post some months ago that I felt you were "swinging" over to the other side because your posts were a lot less caustic, and you were even beginning "to see the light"

    If all is what you say it is, then all I can say is I feel sorry for you. There is not a poster here who longs for the more pleasant things of JW life, especially the friendships and relationships with family.

    Do you recall the expression "abscence makes the heart grow fonder"?

    xjw_b12 "Never look back unless it's to stick out your tongue"

    BTW BULLFROG........ Nice to have you aboard, good post, and welcome to JWD.

  • ScoobySnax

    xjw......hope you enjoyed your holiday......did you fly??? oh nevermind.....!

    SwordofJah is a much more decent poster than me, he has more direction in his life. Do you really think I love the attention here? Hmmm....well I guess I do, I think we all do, else no-one would post would they.

    ps.... I been swinging over to the other side for a while now. .... ;-)

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