...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • minimus

    Scooby, you believe that what Jehovah's Witnesses teach is the TRUTH. Do you believe in their history and how they have falsely announced or believed in dates that proved to be wrong? Do you believe that disfellowshipping as JW's teach it is correct? Do you feel that we should not be able to take a blood transfusion if we want one? Do you believe 100% in all the teachings of the "faithful and discreet slave"? Do you believe that their policy for child molestation is correct? Do you feel it is unchristian to celebrate a birthday? Do you feel that God exclusively uses the Governing Body and the "Slave" to communicate with us? Do you believe in the flip flops in print regarding those ressurected or not in Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you believe that Jehovah's Witnesses have demonstrated that they really are the only ones on earth that live the "truth"?

  • PurpleV


    I don't normally join in these threads because I don't really have the research/debate experience and knowledge that most posters who do join in have, nor do I wish to, as that is not my agenda. My agenda, as an ex-born-and-raised-jw, is to help as many people avoid the pain and heartache I went through as a member of the WTBS, multi-billion-dollar publishing company, who continues to beg for money from its uneducated members and elderly people who think maybe they can buy their ticket to the New System (TM) with their estates.

    I will say this: If you think, truly think, that they have the truth, why don't you go back? Being a JW is fulfilling for many; they believe they are God's only chosen people, they alone will survive until the new system (TM) and live with vegetarian lions and people picnicking in skirts and turbans with birds (newly vegetarian also, after picking out and eating all our apostate eyes) on their shoulders. That's a lovely picture! Who wouldn't want to be part of the chosen few? I have a really nice apartment in Manhattan, maybe you'd like to live in it when I'm dead? Please feed my cats... they are innocent.

    The Jewish people also think they are God's chosen people, and if you believe the Bible, they were, for thousands of years, way before the JWs were.

    OH, and the Muslims (many multi-millions more than JWs) also think they are the Chosen.

    You said (paraphrase) that you failed, you can't live up to it. Or some such sentiment, I'm not quoting you and I'm too lazy to go back and see. Sorry!! My bad, but I'm so tired if I go back I probably will abandon this reply.

    Therein lies the dilemma; if salvation is so difficult, so troublesome that you and BILLIONS of other people can't live up to it, is it really salvation? Have you read Ephesians 2:6-9? And please don't quote me "narrow is the path..."

    Go back, if you need to. It's a lifeline to many. I know lots of people for whom the organization has been a lifesaver, from drugs or abuse or other horrors.

    But to go back for a crutch, something to hang onto besides your own personal growth and education, then all I can do is wish you well, and turn my attention elsewhere.

    I was a high school grad in the mid-70's, who turned down full scholarships to many universities because Armageddon was "months" away. And then, when it didn't happen, the organization said I misunderstood. Now I'm getting closer to retirement, and I don't have a pension.

    Good luck, Scooby.

    PM me if you like.

    Hugs, PurpleV

  • Skeptic


    Sometimes I wonder if you start these threads to troll, but I will assume you are sincere. I enjoy having you on this forum, and I can tell you like the JWs. I am glad that your JW experience was good.

    Everyone Else,

    Hamas should not have been rude, but he did revoke the comment.

    ScoobySnax's experience with the JWs was pleasant. Live with it and be thankful that one person had a positive JW experience.

    I think Scooby provides some needed balance on this forum. Scooby has made no pretense at having a reason for liking the JWs, other than that he does. If everyone here was 120% rabidly anti-JW, that would be a problem.

  • minimus

    Go on a Alcoholics Anonymous site and tell everybody that you happen to like to drink beer, wine and hard liquor. See how they'll respond.

  • ScoobySnax


    I'm not sure about only one thing you say, and that is the 2 witness policy on paedophile issues. Every child should be believed if they make a claim of molestation. I hate the thought of that with all my being, that a child or indeed person needs 2 people to verify it. To have the courage to speak up takes a lot of courage and confidence that might be lacking from someone who is so hurt. I should know this more than most. The Society has never imho ever discouraged those ones to go directly to the authorities. In the instances that they may have, then they deserve every condemnation, and they deserve it. I read that some of the elders in the Panorama programme were disfellowshipped. (www.bbc.co.uk/panorama)

    As to the rest you say, yes I do believe JWs have the truth, even to regards the blood issue. I think they have made many announcements prematurely about the "end of this system" don't you think I've surfed the internet looking as well? Its only my opinion, but I still think they have the truth as far as it is revealed up until this point in time, through the FDS. Don't get narked, its just my opinion..

  • berylblue

    WHOA, MINI!!!

    What a STELLAR comment!!! Simply brilliant!


  • berylblue
    even to regards the blood issue


    Please. Read CoC. PLEASE, Scoob.

  • avishai

    Scoob, there ya go pissing me off again!

    Just kidding, now that I know more about you, I can see that your crisis of conscience is perhaps more convoluted thatn others, what w/ struggling w your religion AND your spirituality. As per the child molestation issue, I suggest you go read some of the posts on the silentlambs page, to see how rampant this really is. I have personally heard the words "We keep these things quiet from elders in different congs. more than once. Most of them are required by law to report these incidents, whether they believe the child or not. I am also a mandatory reporter. It's hard. But I have turned people in, people I liked on a personal level. Their worries are'nt "Keeping the org. clean", butt rahther " Keeping the appearance of the org. clean. Anyway, however you choose, do so with open eyes, remember, they tell you that you should keep an open mind. At least if tyou are not a witness, anyway. Good luck. Personally, I think you should find yourself a good man & settle down, adopt a couple of kids, & live happily ever after, but that's just my 2 cents.

  • ScoobySnax

    and I certainly don't start these threads to "troll"........ what on earth would I have to gain by or from that? I've given this forum most of what I am. Where I am in respects to my JW stand, where I am in my life, I even posted a pic of me, and more so even admitted that I'm gay. How much more do you need to know about a person to realise that they're not "trolling" but just trying to express how they feel? Is this not allowed here? I've posted so many times about being able to not follow a pack mentality that can sometimes happen here if the party line doesn't fit, and I swear I won't say it anymore. But for Goodness sake, please see, that not all of us are trolls, or out to discredit what you all may feel. Does it really hurt that much that someone may still believe the JWs/Wt have the truth still?? Just read and move on if it cuts so bad.

    Just listen for once..... you were once where I am. Realise there will always be 2 sides. (I'll shut-up now)

  • PurpleV
    yes I do believe JWs have the truth, even to regards the blood issue. I think they have made many announcements prematurely about the "end of this system" don't you think I've surfed the internet looking as well? Its only my opinion, but I still think they have the truth as far as it is revealed up until this point in time, through the FDS

    Scooby, just out of curiousity, as I asked you before.

    If this is truly what you believe, why don't you go back? Why do you stay and post here at all?

    And if you think "premature announcements" from Jehovah's FDS about the end of the system are so innocent, I suggest you look up some elderly JWs who are desperately trying to eke out an existence on Social Security (USA) from the government they rejected and reviled as being under Satan's control all their lives. They are now choosing between food and medicine, ultimately deciding whether to starve to death or stroke out.

    They are not hard to find; they are myriads.

    Is this what God's FDS is all about?

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