...but I happen to like the JWs/WT.....

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  • willyloman

    It would take more time than I have in order to list examples, but IMO this post:

    A. Is a must-read for everyone on this journey of ours, and

    B. Contains three or four of the best written posts in forum history

  • Hamas

    Thats very nice Witchy, but you still haven't answered my question.

    Who have I traded the dubs in for ? I don't follow any fundy religious nuts.

    I don't think Scooby looks to us for advice. But I like many others here are sick of his constant hyping up of the Society that has hurt us so much in the past. For God's sake, make a decision.

  • Valis

    Hrmm...first, sorry if I was harsh scoob...I just for the life of me couldn't see why anyone could consciously go back to dub land. I have been thinking about it and IMO you have several options..

    1. Don't go back to JWland...You get to have a "worldly" life, be openly gay, go to say the Unitarian church and be accepted, and enjoy the happiness of your own making.

    2. Go back to JWland, devote yourself to Jehover, pioneer, go to Bethel, deny yourself a sex life or perhaps learn to enjoy women and get married, be a frustrated person for the rest of your life, knowing you know better.

    3. Go back to JWland, lead a double life in the closet, play the game as long as you can before getting caught, then end up where you are right now again.

    Why couldn't you go try other religions that are accepting of gays? You know as well as I do people go to church to satisfy some need to beleive in god. If that's what you need then for cripes sakes son, do it!!! If you are stuck on JWs being "right" about god and Armageddon and the rest of that crap then I'm thinking you have some serious mental blockage going on. Probably lots of fear and guilt mixed in too. I'm also thinking some kind of self esteem issue because you certainly don't give yourself enough credit. You post intelligently, but like the dog that returns to its own vomit, there is something terribly wrong with your thought process at the moment. I wish you the best and for your sake, get therapy and or as some of the others have said, show some intestinal fortitude and make a descision that will be good for yourself. Not an organization.


    District Overbeer

  • logansrun

    I hate to be such a pessimist, but why do I feel that this entire thread is a total waste of time. Great advice and comments from many here...will there be any follow through? I'm not holding my breath.


  • Odrade

    Yes, I've been sucked in to a "going back to the JWs" thread once again.

    People, give Hamas a break this week. His BEST FRIEND dumped him for the DUBS. Show a little compassion. We all know how painful that is. He's entitled to feel a little extra bitterness towards anyone who wants to return to that mind-set.

    Scooby, don't sell yourself short. If you want to be a Witness, go to it. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, and with your sexuality though, you canNOT find it there. I think your divided household has much more to do with the tolerance you have been shown than the "enlightenment" of the individual JWs you are dealing with. You know in your heart that if you go back, even whole-heartedly, eventually your orientation is going to become a problem for your JW friends. You need to really take some time to think about whether YOU feel being gay is wrong or bad. If you go back before you figure that out, it will set you back so far in knowing who you are. I wish you all the best, but please try to take some time for you. Maybe see a counsellor too.


  • Ravyn

    Scoobie, I think you romanticize JWs and you CAN becoz they have never hurt you like some of us have been hurt here. But you know what? you don't have to settle for less. you don't have to look at them thru rose-colored glasses and blinders. You can find a place where there is EVERYTHING you like, not just the majority of things you like.

    Intellectually, I just can't see how anyone presented with the facts can even persuade themselves to believe that JWs have any kind of Truth, but I don't think any Xtians have dibs on truth anyway, now.

    The thing is sooner or later the bad stuff will touch you---it did me and I never thought it would. Then you will have to make a decision based on your own integrity.

    It sounds to me like you have never been faced with that before...yet. I hope what you see here will give you some comfort when the inevitable happens and you won't feel so alone. Becoz one thing I can guarantee---when it happens JWs will turn on you as if you are Satan himself. One day it will happen and it won't be your fault and you will see where they are really coming from.

    I was a regular pioneer for 15 years...never cheated on my time slip and did everything the elders told me to do. Then one day becoz I did what I was told I was totally shafted. I thought truth would prevail right up until the elders dismissed themselves to discuss it privately. I did not even know Iw as the one on trial when they came back into the room. When they addressed me I did not even have a clue I was even the subject of their private discussion! I thought I was there on behalf of someone else--for their support! It hit me blindsides--I could not even reply to it! It was months before the shock wore off. But by the time the CO came to visit and they were told to apologize to me, it was too late. I had been given a glimpse beneathe the carpet...and of what dirt I saw swept under there--I could never forget. It was devastating. I do not wish that on anyone(not even Northern Girl!) but I also see how necessary it was and is to the ones who are so deep they step over dead bodies without tripping on the lumps in the carpet....


  • Skeptic
    Go on a Alcoholics Anonymous site and tell everybody that you happen to like to drink beer, wine and hard liquor. See how they'll respond.

    I am sure that their reaction would be understandable, but it still would not be appropriate. Should such a poster (assuming he is not trying to make reformed alcoholics drink booze) be ragged for stating that some alcohol is OK for a non-alcoholic? ScoobySnax has not tried to bring anyone back to the Dubs....nor has he attempted to defend the Dubs....he simply likes them and still believes some/all of their teachings. What is wrong with simply stating that?

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    Well said Skeptic!

  • blacksheep

    Yeah, I love these guys too. I love the great explanations they give for not celebrating any holidays, including birthdays: it really makes sense to my 3 year old. I love their warped view of reality. Their positive view of the future: that god is going to wipe everyone else but them out at Armageddon. Their discouraging their youth from higher education; their political "neutrality." Why try to improve what's doomed?? Their fostering an environment where child molesters are free to do what they want without fear of being reported. Their skewed, warped, personal translation of the Bible.

    I'm glad you "love" them, without having to be around them (being inactive). Maybe that's the reason.

  • Skeptic

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