I'm getting baptized

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  • Greybeard
    You know how animals sometimes will play dead to survive a predators attack? Sometimes you got to do what you got to do to survive. Don't feel bad about the choices you make. It's all a game and most are faking it through life so sometimes you decide to play along until you can make your escape. Maybe you can escape and keep your family, who knows... I know some who have. At least you will have the pleasure of knowing you are awake to curtain truths that others cannot see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0RHSX_9c-U
  • naazira

    I would say that you need more time to think about it because you fear being disfellowshipped and them not talking to you. If they use the fear of driving a car/drivers license example say but you fear losing your family which is completely different.

    If all else fails play the mental health card. Say god spoke to u and told u not to do it. Heck, do what you have to do.

    If you do go ahead and get baptised then becareful being on sites like this and becareful what you say because you can be disfellowshipped the day after baptism.

  • Divergent

    The key here is to stall & buy time. Tell them that thought it over & that you would still like to get baptised, but not so soon. Give them a time frame if they insist (eg. before you reach 20). That should buy you enough time to plan your escape!

  • sir82

    If you are certain that JWs don't have "the truth", and it sounds like you are, absolutely don't do it.

    It will very likely be the one single thing you most regret in your entire lifetime.

  • slimboyfat

    If you think you lack control now, getting baptised can only make that worse.

    It is true your parents may be so strict that they'll shun you even if you leave without getting baptised. But if you get baptised and then leave it sounds like a certainty.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Don't do it, Black Wolf.

    It's not too late to change your mind.

    If it were me I'd stick with the 'Jesus waited until he was 30 to get baptized' - you don't actually owe your dad any further explanation.

    Good luck


  • KateWild

    How are you feeling today Blackwolf?

    I know a lot of posters are telling you to not get baptized. But I understand what it's like to be a child of baptized JWs. I was once the JW parent of a 16 year old daughter, who wanted to make her parents happy and wanted to be a good person with good and desirable qualities.

    I told my daughter the only way was Jehovah's way and that anything else was Satan's way and did she want to please Satan. She let me control her as she knew I really loved her and cared about her. But she had different views on right and wrong. She gained my trust and did things her way without me knowing.

    I feel regret that I was so controlling and my 16 year old had to lie to me. I feel for you and understand you really have no choice, because you know your parents truly love you.

    Let us know how you are doing today?

    Kate xx

  • BlackWolf

    Thank you all, everyone on this forum has helped me a lot to gain the confidence I need to stand up to my parents. I'm going to talk to them and see if I can buy some time. I've realized I can't let my delusional parents and the cult to control my life.

    This morning my mom was talking to me about how the end was SO soon and she was so happy that I've decided to do what was right, and in a few years she expects me to be married to a ministerial servant. All this talk sickened me and I realized I can't go in like this, I have to be free and I can't be baptized!

  • DJS


    If you let them coerce you into baptism, and you can't manage a quiet fade over the next few decades without ending up in the elders' crosshairs, and based on what we hear that will be unlikely, you will resent them with anger as they shun you possibly until they pass away or you get reinstated. Rinse and repeat.

    If you don't get baptised you can keep a relationship with them over the decades. They may use guilt for a while to try to control you, but it is almost a certainty that sooner or later that will fade, especially as you get older stronger and wiser.

    That's your 2 futures.

    Please dont get baptised.

  • Absolutesbeginners

    Hello Mr Blackwolf ,

    DONT go to the swimming pool . ( like i did last century...)

    The end was "sooooo clooose" you know ..... ; )

    If THEY put a lot of pressure just say " its an important choice, and i need more time and reflexion " ( and its true )

    Too young to drive , too young to get married ....so ....too young, thats all !! ; )

    Stay "quiet" , work hard at school , and just say NO to the swimming pool .

    Easy to say , hard to do isn't ; ) !!!

    Never forget this powerfull word in life : " NO "

    Stay strong, you are not alone .

    Greets from ME .

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