I'm getting baptized

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  • SAHS

    Just say that you happened to come across some things which made you rather confused about the Watchtower organization, such as their history of __________, and their apparent contradictions regarding __________, etc., etc. Say that in consideration of those things which you have fairly recently come to know of, you will therefore need more time to analyze the facts and process your thoughts on these matters. That way, your execution – I mean, baptism – can be put on hold, and you will still retain a good measure of immunity from being shunned.

    Remember, they can’t kick you out of something from which you technically never joined in the first place (that is, according to their own rules).

  • BlackWolf

    Thank you all so much for your help! Everyone here is so much more kind and understanding than any jw I have ever met.

    Last night I gathered my courage and I told my father the truth, that I am not ready to be baptized and I'm only doing it to make him happy. He asked me why I wasn't ready, and I said I have too many doubts ( whether this is gods organization, governing body, 1914, overlapping generation ). He said we would study these topics over the next few weeks and then I can make my decision.

    Anybody have any advice on how I can easily disprove these topics without sounding like an apostate? This is my big opportunity to possibly wake up my dad!!

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Wow, what a great response. Even if you don't wake him up, at least maybe he'll back off a bit. I'd suggest you take each topic you want to discuss and outline it with your thoughts. Maybe post them here and the board can give you specifics thoughts.
  • cofty

    Well done BlackWolf that must have taken a lot of courage.

  • SAHS

    Don’t forget, there is a minimum age to sign up for things like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now, for a supposedly eternal life-and-death matter of being baptized, one would think that there would be greater allowance for the time to make necessary personal reflection and examination.

    After all, they say that when salespersons call at your door to sign you up for a contract regarding a new water heater or for electrical, phone, cable, Internet services, etc., then you have a perfect right to at least investigate what is being sold to you. It’s now also the law!

    There is an abundant proliferation of scams out there, and therefore everyone has a legal right to one extremely important thing: full disclosure up front.

    You have every right to whatever time you need – even if (hopefully) that may turn out to be indefinite – to research everything, including the very existence of a magical deity such as the ancient middle-Eastern desert God Jehovah.

  • HBH

    Bravo! I'm relieved. My advice would be to keep things simple, have a couple of questions written down.

    Matt 8:11 - proof the Watchtower is lying to you! --(props to slimboy)

    Job 42:16 overlapping generations????

    Why isn't the org financially transparent?

    Take is slow as you can!!!!


  • Giordano

    Good for you!

    If you have smart answers about doctrines he's going to know you've been on an apostate web site. He needs to see his child who is not ready to get baptized not an apostate.

    I think I'd advise you to cover the human element. For instance can you site a situation where someone you knew or knew about, preferably a baptized teenager, did something wrong and was DF? Family couldn't even talk to the person after they had to move out.

    Tell him that's a big concern because people make mistake's you've already made a few in your life and if your baptized...... At 18 you'd have to move out and you would lose your entire family for the rest of your life.

    Discuss the seriousness of being baptized and what the Society asked you to consider. Based on the three questions they told you to reflect on found on jw.org you feel you are really not ready.

    Keep it personal don't make it a debate.

  • slimboyfat

    There is a slim chance your dad might research these topics and agree with your doubts, but it's slim.

    I wouldn't have advised talking about specific doubts. JWs just can't tolerate people expressing doubts. It's painful to their psyche. They speedily categorise everyone with doubts into either the "genuine doubter" who can be helped, and "apostate trouble maker" who is beyond help. When you're put in the latter category it's hard to ever climb out again. You know you are being given this label when they start firing questions like, "where did you get this information from?" and "do you trust the faithful slave?"

    Rather than talking about doubts I'd recommend simply getting on with life. Make friends in school, study hard, develop hobbies, travel, gets jobs. Let all these things "interfere" with meetings and simply drift away. Less confrontation, less drama than the big "doubts" showdown. More beneficial for your overall wellbeing too, whichever way your parents choose to react.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    Again wow! Well done taking a stand!
  • ?me?

    I did not see your age , but you said you are still in school , so I am assuming it is 16-18 or so.

    Put the question back in them . "Why are YOU pushing me to get baptized ?" I am not even an adult . You can choose issues where you can't even obey your parents rules or requests ( did you lie about something they know, can't keep curfew, can't keep your room clean, or are irresponsible in some other way or immature ) tell them . "I CANT EVEN OBEY YOU OR RESPECT YOU ALL THE TIME, because I am a child , how do you expect me to promise to JEHOVAH ?" If they point to "the other kids are getting baptized " tell them . Is that a good reason to do it?

    You are supposed to be "mature spiritually " and have accurate knowledge " play it off like you have a lot of learning to do .

    Be respectful , but firm . I got some flack because I was 20or 21 when I was baptized and my little brother was like 16 (of course he has been an elder for years)

    if if all else fails answer so wrong and confused during the "questions " that they can't let you get baptized

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