I'm getting baptized

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  • HBH

    BW, you are very intelligent and thankfully awake to TTATT. Sadly, you are in a no win situation. This is how the Borg destroys families. But the lesser of two evils is not getting baptized. Try to fade until your 18 then leave home, in the meantime do all the preparation you can for that. You will unlikely have any parental/family support when you leave.They will be heartbroken, but at least they won't have to shun you the rest of their lives.

    I see you reaching out for support here, but your going to have to do a lot more. Explain your situation to those that can help. Go to social services, dial 211 (united way) meetup groups, even churches, schools, non cult relatives, whatever you have to, to get your ducks in a row for leaving home. There's good help out there, just don't blow it by running away and/or getting hooked on drugs.

    Ok, lecture over, I don't post much, but my heart goes out to you, even though I'm not in a position to help.


  • cofty

    Well done.

    Sorry but it is a fact that your parents are delusional. They are convinced of certain propositions that are demonstrably false. Based on those beliefs their plans for your life are entirely rational. Based on reality they are terrible ideas that will do you significant harm.

    The tension between not hurting your parents and protecting yourself is dreadful, you have my sympathy.

    Try to play for time but please look after your own long-term interests.

  • Giordano

    Absolutesbeginers............ Blackwolf is a sixteen year old girl who is home schooled and she is isolated re no friends in or out of the congregation.

    Her father is an Elder. She's awake to the truth about the truth but all of this creates an uphill battle for her.

    Welcome to the forum.

  • Magwitch
    Blackwolf, My heart aches for what you must be going through. It sounds like you want to "Play along to get along" which is a wonderful trait, unless of course it infringes on your rights. Please remember this ..... Whatever you do for these people, IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH! After baptism you will have another hurdle to jump through and it most likely will be to become an aux pioneer and then a regular pioneer. You will then need to marry the first eligible spiritual man available regardless of what his other traits are, and then Blackwolf, this is where the fun really begins. If you marry a truly "spiritual" man then you are in for a lifetime of misery. You will keep your head down, your mouth shut, have dinner waiting and look real pretty for every meeting. Door knocking, guilt, low self confidence, meetings, meetings, meetings and crappy one minute missionary sex are some of the things you can look forward to. You will never please JW's because it never is enough..... It all starts with baptism.
  • KateWild

    Thank you for giving us an update I am so glad you have the strength and social skills to approach your parents.

    Well done

    Start a new thread and tell us how it goes.

    Kate xx

  • sparky1

    Blackwolf..........................Magwitch has really laid it on the line for you in a kind and forthright manner. I would highly recommend that you watch a movie entitled: A PRICE ABOVE RUBIES. The story is about a young woman that grows up in an Orthodox Jewish community but realizes in her heart that it is not the life for her. You may have some trouble finding it because it was made in 1998 and had a limited release. I wish you all the best in your life journey.

  • OnTheWayOut
    All this talk sickened me and I realized I can't go in like this, I have to be free and I can't be baptized!


    It is hard to realize in a specific circumstance that strangers on the internet actually can help when it comes to this cult.

  • LisaRose

    It's very hard not to give in to the pressure, I get that. But it's very hard for parents to force you to get baptized if you are firm in the face of that pressure. The trick is to be polite, yet adamant. Do not let them provoke you, but do not give in. Keep repeating that it is wrong to dedicate yourself when you do not yet feel you can be "whole souled in your devotion to Jehovah". Tell them that it would be hypocritical to dedicate yourself simply due to pressure from others. Tell them that it is such an important decision, that you take it very seriously and and that you must be sure and that you will pray to Jehovah for strength and wisdom to make that important decision, but that you will not do it until you feel convinced that he has responded to you with that wisdom and strength. Remind them that Jesus was thirty years old when he was baptized.

    Repeat the above as needed.

  • Lieu

    In the US it's a Title 6 violation, a federal crime, and child abuse.

    Your parents cannot force you, an underage dependent, to submit to a legal contract you do not want. Religion or no religion.

    Biblically, it is extremely unscriptual. No forced baptisms in there.

    Your are allowing your parents to make your baptism a lie to God.

  • just fine
    just fine
    I understand he pressure to get baptized - I did it at 16. My Father was an elder too. If you can avoid it - don't get baptized, but you are going to have to do what needs to be done to survive until you are of legal age. I left, never got disfellowshipped and after a while my parents established an adult relationship with me. I went to college and have a pretty good life. So no matter which way you end up going (baptized or not) it's not the end of the world.

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