I was a JW who didn't want Armageddon to come as I thought I would be screwed if it did. I wasn't enthusiastic in meetings & field service, could never engage in JW activities wholeheartedly, never could do enough to please the judgemental elders, had secret "sins" & prefered a "worldly" way of life... just could never be the perfect JW portrayed by the organization. After putting up with much bullshit, I finally discovered TTATT & never looked back! I no longer fear the future now. I don't believe in the depressing & unreasonable JW teaching that 99.99% of the world's population would die at Armageddon. I would say that if there is such a thing as Armageddon, a perfect & loving God would find a reason to save me, not to destroy me! (Ps: Was formerly known on this forum as 'Just Kidding')