American democracy in crisis

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    Hi Supernerboy,

    What does making sense have to do with anything...I live here in the USA, nothing here makes any sense...we have politicians that go on facebook & expose themselves then still run for office. We have no shame....police incriminate themselves on a daily basis, yet some can kill in cold blood & still want to be cops...In the USA, bad publicity is better than none...Look at Trumps hair...come on everyone...that in itself is incriminating...marrying x amount of shame to his game...he blurts out stupid stuff...that incriminates him, does it stop him ? NO...What these folks do on TV is just a show, they may even break bread together...I work in corporate America, I've seen folks fire a person and swear they are enemies & next thing you see them on facebook hanging, it's all a show.

    How do I define the rich, those who are so removed they don't know what's going on...I do agree rich folks do donate, why because they can. Poor can't donate...

    I work with folks who make a lot of money....I see what their concern is....more $$$. I have nothing against the rich, if it can't be me, why not them. What some rich folks do is cry with a loaf of bread under their arms.

    Making sense....nothing in this world makes sense except 2 plus 2 equal 4. Does it make sense to keep talking about how Marilyn Monroe & JFK died...they have been dead for years...why keep trying to explain it...

    There was a song called..."Stop making sense"


  • cantleave

    Why is it so people on here can't spell Hillary? - its a f"cking "A" not an "E"


    Why is it so people on here can't spell Hillary? - its a f"cking "A".....cantleave

    Letters of the Alphabet Have Sex??!!...

  • supernerdboy

    "I live here in the USA, nothing here makes any sense." An excellent point, I concede that you may very well be right. I have concerns especially with trumps past statements about liking hillary and thinking that the economy does better under democrats. "seems that way" as he put it.

    Sorry about that, I have trouble with spelling still. Hillary then. I might forget, names are real tricky for me sometimes.

  • cofty

    Nerd - Why do you keep making blank posts?

  • supernerdboy

    Some stupid bug! It takes my cursor and puts it in a new box every time I type a post. Sometime it will not even let me press the save post button. Then it will not post anything. So to get anything posted I have to press the edit button, some times it then works, other times it will not let me enter text into the box. So then I have to press the cancel button to retry the edit button and see if I can enter text. Then sometimes I have to cancel and reedit it. Quite frustrating! Sometimes a second random blank post. No idea why. Little quirks in this site is what made me want to switch to JWR back in the day. But at the moment this forum is once again the best Ex-JW site.

    I am using up-to-date Firefox, windows 10. Not too many addons.

  • Viviane
    And the answer is that only the black community can. Years upon years of continuous reports about robberies, shootings and street violence where the usual suspect seems to almost always be a young black male have taken a toll on people's minds.

    Yeah, but that's not an actual thing. It's mostly a racist perception. So it's up to black people to fix the racist perception against them?

  • redvip2000

    Yeah, but that's not an actual thing. It's mostly a racist perception. So it's up to black people to fix the racist perception against them?

    My point is that the fact that the urban areas in the US most affected with street crime are mostly black, is an actual thing. The fact that this high level of crime in the community sends a high number of black men to prison is an actual thing as well. The fact that the high level of crime results in a disproportionate amount of engagements between the police and the community is real. The fact that the media reporting on these crimes cast a negative light on the black community is true, and the fact that all of these non-imaginary facts play into the minds of other communities is an actual thing.

    This perception is based on real things and these real things are based on actions. If actions were to change, in time so will the perception. Trying to crowbar respect into the minds of people doesn't work.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Blacks engage in crimes out of proportion to the rest of the general population simply because of poverty. Poverty breeds crime and you would have the same pattern in impoverished white communities.

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