American democracy in crisis

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  • atomant

    Just for the record it says at the start of the video they were bringing in trump supporters to watch a series of FAKE campaign adds.Just go;s to show how gullible people really are.Sad.

  • EndofMysteries
  • slimboyfat

    The thing about the video: the participants should have known it was a joke. But on the other hand, is there anything in there that Trump absolutely couldn't have said himself? It's hard to say that because he's said so many ridiculous things. Was there anything in the spoof videos actually worse than joking about political assassination? You don't get much more stupid than that. And that was actual Trump, not spoof Trump.

    The conclusion has got to be that Trump himself is actually a spoof, it's just that about a third of the country doesn't realise it. The idea that his whole campaign has been a deliberate attempt to help Hillary doesn't seem so far fetched.

    The bald guy at the back was interesting. He seemed to think it was all a joke, but he supported it anyway. Which kind of sums up the attitude of Trump supporters.

  • supernerdboy

    "He claimed a Hispanic judge could not give him a fair trial simply because of his race."

    So claiming someone else is racist is now racist? In that case you and all your news friends, like your buds over at HuffPost are racist to for calling him racist. ;-)

    "When his father's company was sued for racial discrimination in renting (for which there was ample evidence), he hired notorious lawyer Roy Cohn to start an all out legal war"

    So when someone attacks him he defends himself, sounds like what a good leader would do. :-P

    "He is beloved by white supremacists everywhere"

    Hillery is loved by Rich Elitists and stupid people, your point is? Trump is also loved by a lot of Mexicans and blacks. Its the illegals/ and welfare dependent African Americans that hate him.

    "He called a man at his ralley "my African American""

    Same thing happened at an Obama event, were someone called Obama "My nigga". But I bet you did not hear about that on your news networks.

    "As proof he "loves Hispanics" he tweeted a picture of himself eating a taco salad." When did eating TexMex and appreciating others culture become racist?

    "He falsely claimed Obama was a Muslim and not a US citizen" No he did not say claim that as a for sure. He said he would like proof that he is a US citizen. Most people thought it was funny. It helped him win the primary thats why he said it. Ya it was a bit of a low blow but so what, as if others have not done low blows vs trump.

  • supernerdboy

    To the people who think that the OP video was proof trump people are stupid, watch this:

    Mark Dice:

    Proof Americans are stupid, same for both Trump/ and hillery supporters. They vote on the feelys not on policy!!!!

  • sir82

    I've been known to say this repeatedly....

    40% of Americans would vote for Mussolini if he ran as a Republican.

    40% of Americans would vote for Lenin if he ran as a Democrat.

    Elections are won or lost by how well the candidate appeals to that middle 20%. Right now, Trump has probably 5% or so of that 20%, and his prospects of turning that around don't seem to be very high.

  • LisaRose

    So there are stupid people in BOTH political parties? Wow, I am shocked!

    Actually, what defines Trump supporters more than educational levels or intelligence is Authoritativism and fear of terrorism, and the first is far more important. Those who support Trump like an authoritative style of leadership. He makes definitive, black and white statements, and I guess some people like that.

  • Caedes

    Anyone who supports that cheeto faced, small fingered cockwomble is an idiot.

    If he gets in he is going to nuke someone just because he has small penis hands.

  • EndofMysteries

    With Clinton this will continue to be acceptable behavior with no consequences. Including this media manipulation. This is "black priv". I have yet to see any evidence of "white priv", but any whites calling for violence against blacks and burning down their cities would be quickly arrested for hate crimes and inciting violence and riots. But "black priv" are given a free pass to commit these crimes and encourage violence.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Trump?, Hillary?, Trump supporters?, Hillary supporters? I guess JW's are right. This must be part of the composite signs. Finally I understand what an elder said to me some years ago.

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