American democracy in crisis

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  • Viviane
    My point is that the fact that the urban areas in the US most affected with street crime are mostly black, is an actual thing. The fact that this high level of crime in the community sends a high number of black men to prison is an actual thing as well

    Try again, this time using actual math and stats. You're close to the right answer, but not quite there.

  • EndofMysteries
    Blacks engage in crimes out of proportion to the rest of the general population simply because of poverty. Poverty breeds crime and you would have the same pattern in impoverished white communities.

    Absolutely false. Show me a single poor white neighborhood that has the same killings and crime. I've also traveled the world, one of the poorest places I visited was Cairo. People living in extreme poverty, less than $2 a day, but thievery, robbery, murders, etc, not happening at all. The root cause is the CULTURE. The black inner city black culture worships the gangsta lifestyle, the culture shuns education and any actions to improve ones place in life are labeled "acting white", no family structure, etc. If it was simply poverty then there would be identical murders/gangs/crime all over the world for those in equal poverty.

    Ukraine is another example. Extremely poor. But not really a problem with crime, murders, etc at all. No areas that don't feel safe. It was real poor that several generations of families lived in small apartments and everybody worked or were creative to survive on the limited resources they had without going to crime. They don't have benefits like food stamps, etc. Costa Rica is another culture very different. Tons of very poor, and crime is very high, but not murder. Thievery is very high. But San Jose is nothing like Chicago, detroit, Baltimore, etc, with tons of shootings and killings every week. The only variance in all these cases is skin color and culture.

  • EndofMysteries
    Yeah, but that's not an actual thing. It's mostly a racist perception. So it's up to black people to fix the racist perception against them?

    Let's see if Viviane answers this. Challenged another to post stats and math. The above response of hers is on the claim of a highly disproportionate number of robberys, shootings, and street violence being done by young black men is a racist perception.

    Here is the 2014 FBI crime statistics showing arrests by race and for what crime.

    Blacks make up under 20% of USA population.

    So Vivivane, using these factual statistics, point out what is a perception vs a fact.

    8,230 murder arrests, 3807 white and 4,224 black. Even with the no snitch culture, still more blacks who murdered were arrested than whites despite only making up a small percentage of the population. This is amazing, do you recall the ft myers mass shooting recently where children as young as 12/13 were shot? The perpetrators still at large because the witnesses don't want to be a 'snitch' and the others have withdrawn their complaints. In 2014 there were 6095 black murder victims, despite under 20% of population the number was more than 50%

    Robbery arrests, 41,000 for blacks and 30,000 for whites. I guess even though under 20% of the population, a big disproportionate arrested for robbery is also a racist perception that is untrue?

    But it's not ALL crimes, just the violent ones like murder, robbery, etc. Vehicle theft, Fraud, etc, whites are doing their fair share. For drunk driving blacks are even below average.

    So using math and statistics, please elaborate your comment on how these are racist perceptions and not "an actual thing".

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    5 hours ago
    Blacks engage in crimes out of proportion to the rest of the general population simply because of poverty. Poverty breeds crime and you would have the same pattern in impoverished white communities.

    Rich and middle class people engage in white collar crime. It's not poverty as much as the absence of strong moral values. And why does it happen? because at least one parent is commonly missing and education is not encouraged. And why is that? I think It can be rooted in the wholesale racism practiced until few generations ago by people who can't be faulted because they didn't know better; they grew up in an environment where racism and slavery were widely accepted. It's not our generation's fault either; we are far removed from slavery times. Obviously is not black people's fault either. It's nobody's fault, but it's everyone's problem. Tough! very tough when we can't point the finger at someone. Yet, it's everyone's responsibility to fix it.

  • Viviane

    Vision, your asking a question that doesn't make sense. Of course the black population crime rate is disproportionate, no one is arguing that it isn't. The point is that there is clear evidence of racist policies in policing, sentencing, job hiring and interview practice, etc., that create this situation, which re-enforces the cycle.

    The point is to figure out how to break the cycle, not misunderstand math.

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