American democracy in crisis

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  • Thisismein1972

    Slimboyfat. Research George Soros, then you will realise why this is happening. I would love to know if he actually has his tentacles in the watchtower cooperation too.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    What about Evan Mcmullen. Could he mop up if Trump implodes.

    That's an image I don't need, an imploding Trump.

  • Londo111

    As an idealist, I'd say there's been a problem for a long, long time. Unfortunately, America is not designed for more than two parties, and it is in the interest of these two establishment parties to keep it that way and perpetuate themselves. The elite hire lobbyists to influence things their way.

    As a pragmatist, I've to work with what I've got. I've to vote for the lesser of two "evils". Not that I think Hillary is evil... yep the primary did not go the way I voted, she is the candidate the establishment wanted...but I'm not for or against her and don't really understand the "scandals" that seem mountains made out of molehills. Besides nowadays it seems that a vote for anyone but Hillary Clinton is a essentially a vote for Vladimir Putin.

  • Simon

    The US has all but lost an independent press - they all chase ratings and money rather than reporting strictly based on newsworthiness.

    Of all the institutions of a strong democracy, the ability of the press to shine a torch on politicians is one of the most important.

    It's sad to see it being eroded almost daily. Can you imagine the laws that trump would enact if he could? It would be a crime to criticize him, regardless of right or wrong - he's already openly said that's what he wants.


    American democracy in crisis..

    It will all be fine once Trump is President..

    1)..Trump declared Minnesota in the USA,a recruiting ground for Isis..

    So he`ll have to Bomb the Shit out of that place..
    Image result for atomic bomb


    2)..Then he`ll build a wall over Mexican Tunnels into the USA..

    Which should keep the Rain Out and the Mexicans Dry..

    Image result for mexican party

  • redvip2000

    Trump apparently doesn't want to win and is making fun of the whole process. There's no other reasonable way to interpret his behaviour, unless he is actually insane.

    I agree, I truly think that as we near election day, Trump is now realizing that if he wins he will have 4 years of a very stressful life, that I personally thinks he does not want. And why should he? He already has the money, power and attention he needs.

    This was always about promoting his brand, just like he did the last time he thought about running, but this time he actually got traction and got the nomination. He is doing a very calculated crash and burn move, where he is trying to come out of it looking somewhat good. He will lose and complain that everybody else cheated, but deep down he will be very relieved that he gets to wake up and play golf instead of 4 years of scrutiny and headaches.

  • slimboyfat

    I'm surprised not more comments on the video. It's one of the craziest things I ever seen. What is happening to America?

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I don't know how much the video has been edited, but from the first second I expected someone in the group to say "this is comedy" or something along those lines, but they were quite serious about the whole thing. Quite incredible, assuming that this group is a random sample and there are no actors/actresses. I am more prone to believe that participants are knowingly playing stupid in exchange for money.

  • supernerdboy

    How can you guys not tell this is a joke? Look up Mark Dice, man on the street mondays. Or even look at other Triumph episodes on Hulu. A lot of Americans are stupid, and are trained to trust authority figures. You can walk up with a mic and a fancy cameraman and you can get people to act like they are in the loop with lots of fake news. Also you can go to places you know are filled with mind washed or stupid people. A KH would be a good place to start, so would a beach when most productive people are at work. You could also go into a "safe space" and find lots of dumb liberals. Does not prove a thing. You can also only show the dembest people. What the video OP posted did most likely was ask stupid questions to the trump supporters, and only the ones that sound brainless get to go into the room to see the fake videos.

    To save democracy you need to prevent it from being bought. (Stop paying people to vote democrat ) Which will make both main party's seem retarded. Right now Democrats seem so crazy that people actually vote republican which is also crazy. (and visa versa) It is the lesser evil. Then we need to get rid of first pass the post voting. Then we need to actually follow the constitution of the republic of the USA. The people need to be more involved in the government. Nobody wants to vote 3rd party because A:News makes you think that a single president can ruin everything and that they can not win. Most vote for the other party you like better. Both sides hate the other nominee. But they both are liars. Both would be bad for the country in some degree. B: Everyone else falls for A so they think a 3rd party has no chance of winning. This becomes a self fulfilling feedback loop. C: Everyone is quite about them. They do not allow 3rd party candidates into the debates unless 15 of Americans already want to vote for said party. But in the primary's even people with less then 1% in the polls were let in. D: People are slaves and stupid in general. Most people will just vote for who the people they like say they are voting for. Because most people do not get out and debate, they vote for who there favorite blogger, SM poster, or news agent says they should.

    I like Jill better than Johnson, however I like his platform way more then I like the green party. I will not be voting for ether. I hope we get someone in the party lead slot that actually cares about liberty and SMALL government. They want people in office that will make the government bigger. They add 40K laws or so a year. You think that makes you more free? No, it goes from individual freedom to collective group think and or a dictatorship. German at one time was free, but then well you know the story. Same with china, and other places. Always ether a coup or a slow progression to evil.

    Till we get more news talking about freedom instead of Hillery emails and KimK's ass, the idiots who watch that crap will keep voting loyalty to there big government party's. Free the minds and you free the nation.

  • LisaRose

    I am holding my nose and voting for Hill. The choice between a dishonest political hack and a narcissistic idiot is pretty clear to me. With Hilary you get the status quo, big business gets its way as usual, but the country goes on, hopefully we can get some better choices going in four years. With Trump, who knows if there will even be a country in four years? This is a man who doesn't respect civil rights or the constitution and wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass. How anyone could still imagine this vain, petty, vindictive peacock would be anything but a disaster if elected is beyond me.

    If there were a viable third party candidate I would vote for them but there isn't and I'm not willing to risk Trump getting elected by splitting the Democratic vote.

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