American democracy in crisis

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  • supernerdboy
    Lisa, you think that Hillery supports the constitution? At least you did not call trump a racist. He is indeed a Narcissist, it kind of is a prerequisite for wanting the most powerful job in the nation. I hate it when people repeat the lies of the news, saying "Trumps a racist". There is plenty to dislike about Trump: He supports torture, indefinite detention without trial to name a couple. But Hillery has released tons of documents that were top secret, she got 4 of our men killed and did not care at all. She has helped over-though legitimate rulers, and there is reason to believe she has payed to have people killed before testifying. I personally think that if it was a binary choose, Trump is a clear winner. He is not waiting for a prison sentence to start, Hillery on the other hand has done many things that would land her in prison. I like law upholders better then criminals. But they both suck, so why would anyone want to support ether? If you are liberal Jill is a way better choose, if you are for conservative things, then Garry Johnson. If you like old time USA the constitution and small government than Constitution party is more your choose.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    One thing for sure, Russian would love to see Trump win....

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    There's no other reasonable way to interpret his behaviour, unless he is actually insane.

    Haven't you heard the news? He's a Narcissist which is an actual diagnostic category amongst psychiatrists.

    Eegads! Yes. I'm for real. Kinda leaning anarcho-syndicalist at the moment.

    Nice to know that someone is close to you in the political spectrum.

  • Village Idiot
  • LostGeneration

    I'll take the bait and simply say its not in crisis, its how it works. It hasn't been working well for a while, and maybe its finally going to come to a head.

    This is the chance everyone has been waiting for to destroy the two party system. Everyone complains about it yet won't do anything about it. Neither party listens anymore to what their base says, they simply are power structures that are out for self survival. Look at the republicans, they have an alternative in two former repubs running on the Libertarian ticket. Yet none have broken rank and endorsed Johnson/Weld all the while they moan about Trump. All they care about is their power structure not tumbling down.

    If you're a socialist living in America, then vote Green.

    I'm voting libertarian for the first time, and at this point I can't imagine ever going back to the dems or the republicans. The only way they will ever respond is if you take your vote away and give it to the party that aligns with your thinking.

  • LisaRose
    At least you did not call trump a racist.

    Trump is a racist.

  • EndofMysteries

    Clinton is the clear wrong choice. With Clinton, this country is ruined. Trump is trying to address the issues ruining this country. Clinton is beyond corrupt, the clinton foundation is under FBI investigation now. Clinton has been taking in millions of dollars from foreign governments and individuals and as secretary of state her actions have been compromised by those 'bribes'. Europe is falling apart and having tons of problems for the mass immigration from problem countries, and Clinton wants to follow lead and take in even more. The democratic party wants to allow felons and illegals to vote for them.

    A vote for clinton is a vote for turning this country into a communist/socialist country. Unless your goals in life are to live on welfare and no abilility to get beyond that, then don't vote for Clinton.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    If you like old time USA the constitution and small government than Constitution party is more your choose.

    The Constitution Party is theocratic in their beliefs.

  • Nevuela

    A few months ago there was a Bernie Sanders rally in my town. They were quite vocal, but not in any way disrespectful. I joked to an elderly lady standing near me that "At least they're not Trump supporters," to which she replied "Well you know, Trump was picked to help Hillary win. That's why he says all the crazy things he says: to make her look better."

    I had no answer to that.

  • supernerdboy

    @villageI, you may be right, just from a quick look at Darrel Castel, his policy's seem more libraty based the Gery Johnson. I am mostly libratrian, but I dislike Johnson, I think he is a traitor or maybe just retarded. I will look over the party a lot more before Nov. May end up voting trump if constitution and Vetren party look bad. Kinda also thinking about just staying home.

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