84 Lumber Commercial

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  • azor

    Freemind fade what you just posted is not what trump referred to.

    Rszziel do you support the wall? Protecting ones border and buying into trumps wall are two different things. Your being pissed at me and hate are two different things as well.

    On another similar note minority groups tend to be more bigoted then the predominant culture. I think it has something to do with their trying to protect their ways and cultures. So just because someone comes from a certain background does not make them un-bigoted.

  • MeanMrMustard
    We can't even see his tax returns.

    Why does the left care so much about Trump's tax returns?


  • azor

    Free mind fade I addressed your quote in another comment.

    Off to work will reconvene later.

  • freemindfade
    what you just posted is not what trump referred to.


    I recommend reading this article from NPR with Brandon Judd about what the ACTUAL wall is and why there is any need at all. If that doesn't defuse your insistence that increasing border security is racism nothing will.

    U.S. Border Patrol agent Brandon Judd, who advised Donald Trump's campaign. Judd is head of the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing more than 16,000 agents. This is reality, all the alarmist SJW virtue flag waving going on is just exaggeration at its finest.

    I have given you actual evidence of how the wall is nothing more than increasing physical security along the border in certain areas, you have given me ZERO evidence for why it is "Hate".

  • kpop

    Freemindfade it is impossible to reason with someone like azor. They are still in the cult mentality. If they do not like your argument then you are a nazi or alt-right. I guess that makes me a Korean Nazi! Hehehehe maybe the first one on earth?I showed a video comparing just what Bill Clinton and Obama said and the point is missing. Over 15,000 Border Patrol agents said we MUST build a wall because it will help them perform their duty. Does azor know that 30% of the agents are Hispanic? Are they also Nazis? PS Below is video of why I now despise the left politcial leaders. Good bye.


  • freemindfade
    Freemindfade it is impossible to reason with someone like azor

    Isn't that the truth my Korean-nazi comrade lol

  • Spoletta

    I don't know about others here, but I'm White, and find all these ethnic slurs very offensive. I've never heard another White use them as a term of endearment for another ethnicity. When I hear it, I automatically label that White a racist on some level. If it doesn't bother you, fine, but I think that some here would agree with me, and I don't think that makes me a Social Justice Warrior.

  • Jehalapeno

    I find this commercial very offensive as it encourages sympathizing with law breakers. But I'm not calling for the commercial to be banned.

  • garyneal
    I'm all for national sovereignty and protecting the borders. This wall though has nationalist populisms dirty little hands all over it.

    Who cares. If we had managed to solve the immigration issue some other way then we would not even be considering the wall.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I don't know about others here, but I'm White, and find all these ethnic slurs very offensive - yes, they are offensive.

    But try and look at things from another perspective. Imagine you're an immigrant to the US. You've migrated there legally and are keen to get on. You know that, while it isn't perfect, it's a country that gives immigrants who toe the line an opportunity of a good standard of living, gives their children good education, gives everybody lots of personal freedoms - as long as they obey the law.

    Unfortunately there are some immigrants from your country of birth who enter the US illegally, perhaps don't bother with obeying the law, maybe get involved in serious crime.

    How would you feel about that?

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