Where is Tony?

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  • EmptyInside

    I am still curious about what happened. My jw family don't even mention it.

    I thought initially because he may have dementia or other health problems. But, there is no shame in that, so I think they would have let that be known.

    So, maybe it is the drinking . It had to be bad though, because , Bethelites are known to like their alcohol.

    I remember hearing about them putting their beer outside the windows to keep it cold. But, then they discouraged them from doing that, since it wasn't a good look. They are all about keeping up appearances.

  • Elena

    It’s always a bit puzzling when a so called anointed one gets senile dementia. It happened a lot back in the day, they put it down to wild talk.

    I heard of a story of an old anointed Bethel brother who was in hospital over the memorial so some brothers were assigned to go do the memorial with him. He didn’t know his name let alone what day of the week it was, they tried to give him the emblems as he had been taking them for several decades but he kept pushing them away. I think this happened for a few years before he died in the Bethel infirmary.

    Lots of questions were raised, was he still anointed? Was he counted or not as he didn’t actually take them?

    if he was going to be among kings and priests along with Jesus then why did he live for years in a senile state? This has happened with many over the years.

    Is this the case with Tony? Will other old members of the GB get senile dementia and if so will they be removed as Tony was?

  • enoughisenough

    whether senile or not, they all suffer from dementia-illusions of granduer and substituting for Christ.

  • Vidiot

    Bumped with this:


    Yet another GB celebritard going off-script and saying cringey shit.

    I’m tellin’ you guys, Letto the Clown’s next.


  • Ron.W.

    Oh no, not Lett as well now!😉

  • NotFormer

    From the thread:

    "At the start of this talk Lett talks about how for 50 years his wife came on every trip with him but she has had alzheimers for 12 years now so isn’t with him."

    "He joked that he's ‘trying to keep her alive till the end, because he's too old to break in a new wife.’"

    "The audience laughed."

    Well, this Australian wouldn't have laughed; please don't judge all of us by that audience! 😱🙄

    What a moronic, completely tone-deaf thing to say about your ailing spouse!

    I find that a lot of JWs don't possess a lot of simple empathy. This quote suggests that that extends all the way to the top!

  • jonahstourguide

    @ NotFormer,

    The audience were specially invited bethelites and all the uber jw ass lickers in N.S.W.

    Also included a heap of co's etc. You know,, the chosen ones.

    Correct, real Aussies would despise those comments. Wouldn't pass the 'pub test'.

    My PIMI associates that watched the stream were disgusted.


  • NotFormer

    jonahstourguide, a carefully choreographed and scripted event, then? Did someone hold up a LAUGH sign when he dropped that joke? 🙄

    From my understanding, the GB has their own special staff that help keep them on track. Wouldn't part of their job be to vett GB talks, if not outright write them?

  • Mikejw

    It has been too long taking now after Tony got booted. The silence is deafening.

    If they went to this much effort to keep a lid on it then what really was the reason? He he been going to meetings all this time?

    I remember a talk saying that if a brother ever loses his privileges and carries on faithfully attending then that is the mark of a real man. Did To y carry on attending and if so why have we not heard about it?

  • Vidiot

    He was always an old-school hardliner. I seem to recall him saying “the Governing Body is under attack” not long before he was shown the door.

    It’s pretty clear by now that ousting him removed an obstacle to reform (or, at least, the appearance of it).

    What are the odds that event convinced Two-House he’d been right, that the GB gave in to fear instead of having faith and has now become irrevocably seduced by the Dark Side of the ForceSatan’s World”…

    …and now, in his own mind, he’s “disfellowshipped” them?


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