Where is Tony?

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  • Pedro

    what do you think of this video? It contains pretty serious allegations against AM3. If it's a lie, wouldn't a lawsuit follow?


  • TonusOH

    She is referring to a TikTok video from someone who drives up to what appears to be a KH near where Morris lives now, and accuses Morris of raping her and two other women (when they were children). She also claims her own father was running a sex trafficking ring and that Morris was aware of it. She refers to legal action taking place in California, but provides no specifics for any of the claims she makes, nor does she say whether she is initiating any legal action of her own, or if she is cooperating in any of the actions she refers to.

    She states her name as Salena Vertolomo. A Google search turns up this Reddit thread about Morris:


    The thread is around four months old. I am unaware of any action being taken, or of anyone joining her in these accusations. If there is litigation or police action pending, I suppose we will hear of it soon enough. Until then, all there is are claims and speculation.


    Anthony Morris always wanted a singing career. Since he was a big follower of Prince and Morris Day, he moved to Minnesota and paid big $$$$$$$ to Morris Day to switch places and move to Lumberton, North Carolina and hide. Since Morris Day hasn't had a singing career for over 20 years and all of his fans forgot what he looked like, Anthony Morris will now become the new MORRIS DAY AND THE TIME!

  • Vidiot

    For some reason, every time I read this thread title, I keep picturing Top-Shelf in a red-and-white-striped sweater-and-toque ensemble…


  • hoser
  • Vidiot

    “🎶 Koo-lookoolookoolookookooo… 🎶”

  • GrreatTeacher

    The only reason the gossip hasn't gotten out yet: there's likely an NDA.

    A legal Non-Disclosure Agreement might be the only thing that can shut down the JW gossip mill.

    If I had to make a wager, I'd bet Tony lawyered up to negotiate his exit.

  • Vidiot
    Athanasius - “…nobody has reported seeing him anywhere, not even at a local liquor store…”

    Wow, that… IS serious…

    Wait, didn’t Stalin actually “disappear” that poor fucker he proto-photoshopped out of existence.

    Maybe Top-Shelf is roomies with Jimmy Hoffa… 😄

  • NotFormer

    Morris Day sounds like a spring festival where there will be an outbreak of Morris Dancing 😱

    (I really wish that there was a Morris Dancing emoji)

  • NotFormer

    Vidiot: "For some reason, every time I read this thread title, I keep picturing Top-Shelf in a red-and-white-striped sweater-and-toque ensemble…"

    I hear the tune for the 90s cartoon in my head when I read it. It was "Where's Wally" over here, the British version, I guess.

    I had to explain to my kids that Odlaw was Waldo backwards, and that it was called Where's Waldo in the USA.

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