Where is Tony?

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  • Diogenesister

    People have said many times if it were an innocent health reason why wouldn't they announce it? However, as DropoffyourkeyLee pointed out, he would be entitled to veterans benefits. Since we know how appalling tight watchtower is (they've refused to pay Bethelites medical fees before, sending sick ones home to avoid doing so) it's conceivable he left to be treated at a veterans hospital if the treatment looked to be expensive - such as chemo etc.

    It's doubtful they'd announce that outcome!

  • Listener

    His drinking may have resulted in a serious fall with broken bones requiring ten's of thousands in medical bills and rehabilitation. That would be enough for him to be disgraced and thrown off the GB and why he hasn't been seen.

    He wouldn't be in any position to refuse financial assistance or accepting new arrangements.

  • redvip2000

    I'm pretty sure that when the liquor store scandal broke out, the Org saw him more as a liability from an optics perspective and "asked" him to bow out gracefully. They gave him a house and a stipend in exchange of making sure he keeps quiet about the inner workings of the Org.

  • Vidiot

    Doesn’t explain two houses, though.

  • NotFormer

    Hmm, the "two houses" makes me think of Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson. Perhaps we should start referring to Tony "Two Houses" Morris.


  • Balaamsass2

    Perhaps he now has a beard and no one has "seen" him? :)

    Perhaps he is in rehab? :)

    At the VA psych ward...after he told the VA shrink he was God's direct channel? :)

    Perhaps the Mrs asked for a separation after he scolded her for wearing Spanx and burning his hot dogs. :)

    Or perhaps he is just freeloading a tropical holiday from some affluent JW friend in a warm climate for the winter...Bahamas, Virgin Islands..? ??? :)

  • WingCommander

    Ok, so we all know Anthony Moron da Turd didn't just "Resign for health reasons." No GB Member has EVER done that, and none ever will! They have free healthcare and personal attendants up there at WT HQ, especially if they would just "Semi-retire" to Fishkill properties, which is basically assisted living for the elite higher ups of WT HQ.

    So, he was handed his ass, made to sign an NDA, and given a typical corporate Golden Parachute.

    But why the 2 houses? I couldn't figure that either for a while. But now it dawns on me......1 house for him, 1 house for his wife. (who probably can't stand him anymore) Once they croak, the properties go right back to WT HQ, to sell and make money from. Genius!!!

    Now, about where they SENT the Morris's. Let me tell you all. Lumberton, NC isn't Charlotte, Ashville, Hendersonville, or even one of the lake areas like beautiful Chimney Rock. (at Lake Lure) Lumberton is a fuggin' shithole. Oh sure the little development he's in is new, but the rest might as well be a subdivision of Baltimore or Detroit. It's literally a poverty stricken no-man's land that would depress you inside of 1 weekend. Que the banjos.

    Make no mistake, WT HQ sent TOMO3 down there to bury his dumbass as a punishment. If he were allowed to pick his assignment (as either Greenless or Chitty did down in Mexico), then he would have picked Chimney Rock or some other more luxurious lake-side town to retire too that has good golf courses, a tourism industry, a few restaurants. Lumberton is where you would set up a Leper Colony.

  • DisgruntledFool

    Perhaps the second house is for renal income for Tony and his wife? That way Watchtower doesn't have to directly support them and they keep any financial transactions at 'arms length'.

  • Vidiot

    I think out of all the GB members so far, XJWs have given Anthony Morris III the most nicknames…

    …”Anthony Morris the Turd”… “Spanky McTightypants“… “Top-Shelf Tony” (my favourite)…

    …and now “Tony Two-House”.


    Makes him sound like some old, washed-up wiseguy…

    …which, when you think about it, ain’t far off.


  • jehovaxx

    Two house Tony is the best. If that name sticks and people keep asking why do they call him that then it will be priceless 👏

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