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  • waiting

    yo farkel (still can't emotionally call you "doug"...the name of My X.)

    My son graduated college with music major & honors....french horn (sounds prettier than *horn.*) He graduated Law School last week & first job is Clerk for the SC Supreme Court.

    When interviewing with various firms, the interviewer was always interested in his music background....said he was a natural for computers, etc. Why? Because music is like another language....except the learner/lover of music *understands* music.....not just reading the words. He breathes it, loves it, speaks it fluently, interprets.

    Of course, my son could have been shit*ing me too..... as he's wont to do. But it makes sense. And he doesn't compose, btw. Just loves to hear & play.

    "A critic is to an artist as a lamppost is to a dog." Well worth taking to heart. I firmly believe that a person without ego is a person lacking. It just depends on how large/small our ego is in relation to other things. So....pee on critics.

    Have you thought of joining a site like Uniburst is new....but I gather there are others similiar. I know some about it - email me if you'd like. Well, even if you don't like

    Take care.


  • RubyTuesday

    ...and the beat goes on

  • Prisca

    Enjoy your break, Farkel, see you when you come back.

  • manon

    My favorite pieces are: Minuet(J.S. Bach), Canon(Pachelbel),Etude op.10,no.3 "Chanson De L'adieu". Do you enjoy ice cream,Letterman,Leno?

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Farkel: It's OUR loss. I for one appreciate your work and have no problem telling that to you time and time again. You have REAL musical talent my friend. I only hope that you will reconsider sometime soon.

  • Bendrr

    Hey Farkel. Anyone with a talent that rises above the rest, a talent they've worked tirelessly to maintain and increase, no matter what that talent is they absolutely have a right to be proud of it and share it with the world. And they have a right to a certain amount of ego. The world would be a really boring place if those with exceptional talents based their lives on everyone else's opinions of their ego.

    Don't you dare leave or stop posting your music here. Damn the sour grapes!


  • Blueblades

    Well,I'm going to continue to enjoy the FARKEL ARCHIVES,so, for me ,he has never left.HE IS STILL HERE!

    Thanks FARKEL for not taking the ARCHIVES with you.


  • Soledad

    heya Farkel

    I like your style. You say what's on your mind and dont apologize for it. I really respect that. Nobody uses the words "idiot" and "dipsh*t" better than you.

    Stick around, k?

    My favorite is dubsticks. I have it saved on my pc and play it every now and then.

    big hugs

  • Sunspot

    ***Thanks FARKEL for not taking the ARCHIVES with you.***

    THAT'S for SURE, Blueblades!

    Doug.....No doubt about it, from one who plays the piano (but sounds like I'm playing with mittens on compared to YOU :o)......I KNOW the blodd, sweat and tears involved in the kind of pieces that you choose to undertake. I am constantly amazed at what you "turn out" because of my own background and personal knowledge of "what finger has to go where and at what time" kinda thing. It ain't easy!

    Ego or not, not being able to look forward to reading "new" posts on here will leave a gaping hole in a lot of your friend's pleasure. Your "view" of the WTS and your wit have left ME laughing for four years now, and of course you already know that a lot of your comments and posts on H2O were what prompted me into "making sure of ALL things". You still have a LOT to give in that area, to be able to use THAT talent to make JW sit up and think .......but we all gotta do what we gotta do.

    I'll send you my email addy again (in private) in case you lost it since the last time we corresponded. I'll be looking forward to downloading the rest of your music. As always, I wish you all the best that can come your way.................



  • COMF
    These people who think thus of course go in the class as the biggest idiots since idiots came upon the face of this planet.

    Truly spoken. Since when do such people dictate, or even influence, your choices? C'mon back to reality, Dougster. Shrug it off and carry on. I miss you already.

    french horn

    Wouldn't that be "Freedom Horn" in today's political climate?

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