Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • LV101

    Yes - lots of variables that the Stanford 'experts' panel haven't figured out. I don't think NY was half as strict about stay at home. Many socializing on the public transportation at night - one doctor reporting on as she returned home late at night. New York even has wet markets - unimaginable!

  • RubaDub

    RE: New York vs. California ....

    More densely packed population? Less public transit and transit being cleaned more often?

    Those are two of the most significant in my mind. First of all when you are in NY, just to get to the sidewalk you are likely touching knobs, stairways rails, elevator buttons and the like. Not to mention people crammed in elevators breathing on each other. Then go through the process to get on a subway. Stairway rails, ticket machines, putting you plastic ticket through a machine that has had thousands of others in it that day and then get it back and put it in your wallet. Railings, then the door opens on the subway and you grab a handle to get in sit down or stand up with people breathing on you. Have to switch trains?, then repeat the process within the subway station. When you finally arrive at your destination, repeat the entrance process in reverse.

    In Cali, you walk out to your car and drive to where you are going. That's pretty much it for most people.

    Even in food stores, if you have ever been in the City, you know that they are typically VERY "condensed" if that is the right word. There is a chain of markets in the City called Key Food. They are spread all over the city. They are neighborhood food markets which many of us would consider the size of a postage stamp. Perhaps the size or two 7-11's put together or something like that. Yet they have a deli, hot foods, a salad bar and most things that larger stores have, but just in a very small footprint. And guess what, the aisles are so narrow that it is difficult at times for two people to easily pass each other. So again, more close contact.

    In Cali, you drive to the big food stores (like Von's, Safeway, etc.) and the aisles are wide and you can much easier avoid getting close to anyone. When you are done, get back in your car and drive home.

    So I think think there is no comparison between New York and California. One is just spread out, the other is just so condensed.

    Rub a Dub

  • 2+2=5
    I'm panicking about running out of rubbing alcohol and have gone through hand sanitizer,

    Amazing how many people don’t realise soap and water is effective, and alcohol is not needed for germ removals, even germ destruction in some cases.

    Washing hands with soapy water will physically remove germs, soap also destroys the outer layer of the Coronavirus so it’s extremely effective here.

    Don’t panic if you’re low on sanitizer or alcohol, just use plain old soap, rest easy.

  • LV101

    It's not amazing -- we all know soap and water does the trick but hands get a tad less irritated using the hand sanitizer a few times a day to give them a break. I wasn't using hand sanitizer much before COVID 19 (since it's only 99.999% antibacterial or something) and my hands were already in trouble. Hand sanitizer seems to be less harsh. I use the hand sanitizer much less than I use the soap and water. Also, only use certain soaps - many liquid soaps don't indicate 'antibacterial' although they claim to be but have had some chemical removed. Dial shower gel was one that had something removed but read somewhere it's still anti-bacterial - don't know but not taking chances. I still would like to stock up on hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohols. Hopefully, it will become more available to the public.

    Yes - I know water is available in the tap, also, but yuck.

  • LongHairGal


    When I’m home I use soap and water and alcohol or bleach wipe for certain surfaces. The hand sanitizer is for outside but I hardly ever use it - maybe to sanitize certain surfaces. Somehow it feels gross to use it on my hands.

    As far as antibacterial soaps:..Dial hand foaming cleanser (benxalkonium chloride) and Dial bar soap. (The bodywash from Dial is No longer antibacterial because they removed triclosan (Sept 2016).. harmful to the body). There is also an antibacterial dishwashing liquid Palmolive (orange).

    Hope that helps. But, I’m sure if you ran out of these, plain old-fashioned soap and water would do fine.

  • Finkelstein
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Dont mix the cleaners. i knew about bleach and peroxide but alcohol reacts too. I saw a chart, will try to find it again

    Even vinegar

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

  • LV101

    LHG - I buy hand soap/body soap like crazy and have plenty - Softsoap or something that is an antibacterial - for hands - tons of Dial. I wash hands constantly (and did previously) but this is beyond plus use hand sanitizer if if think I touched something and as insurance.

    I use clorox spray cleaner on counters - Softscrub with bleach in kitchen sinks and straight bleach down in drains - daily and long before all this. I really like the clorox spray with bleach - I don't have many backups. I've got Lysol spray disinfectant cleaners and several others for counters but the clorox with bleach spray is out of stock - of course.

    I know what you mean about the hand sanitizer feeling gross - I think I'm use to it now. I use to buy tons of hand sanitizers to clean my acrylic brushes and get some paint medium out of my painting clothes. I never liked for regular hand washing just the fact it wasn't as good as soap. I don't like wearing hand lotion around the house but have to use now and then because of condition of my poor hands and wrists.

    I keep isopropyl (alcohol) around (I'm low but not out) around and had ordered sprayers that I place in the top - so convenient and I don't even have to pour the alcohol into another container.

    This is hilarious -- a girl can't own enough disinfectants, right!

  • LV101

    Hand sanitizer isn't just for outside - hospitals, doctors/nurses use it all day long and the healthcare facilities, hospitals, are receiving all these days except a few extras they drop off at stores for the consumer. The drug stores/grocers sell out of it within few minutes after on the shelves. It's crazy. That hopefully will end now that big liquor cos are manufacturing. Can't wait. I carry it in my car, in my backpack, in my handbag. I carry the small, individual, Purell wipes, also. You can buy a big box on Walmart or Amazon and lasts long time - not as convenient as the liquid but nice to have.

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