Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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    It's not the dark ages and women are going to work out in the world. I'm not saying it's good to leave children with strangers or child care facilities. I don't know how popular the new idea/construction of generational home is going to be - time will tell.

    waton - the elderly care institutions here contract with professional physical therapists, RNs, etc., that visit several facilities. I'm not so certain they spread viruses and seem to take every precaution. I understand the corporate owned places are out for a profit and cut corners but the pricier ones seem to keep employees for yrs.

    There are many group homes - family run and they have a negative stigma. I've heard of a couple of good healthcare agencies and most families here have such problems with caregivers showing up, theft, the elderly resident(s) wanting them off the property - many issues - it's easier to place in professional institution which is actually more expensive unless it's an inexpensive, low-rated, one. These institutions also contract with the gov't and accept a few residents on Medicaid.

    I don't understand why the institutions and gov't want residents to drop their great insurance programs and sign up for the state insurance program at the facilities other than to cut down on regular medicare costs. Ratings are horrific for the state/gov't insurance programs offered via the senior institutions. I wouldn't trust the gov't to provide anything much less be in charge of protecting the elderly. It's never been a priority.

    I don't understand what is paid for by the government?! Individuals and cos. pay gazillions for health insurance.

  • waton
    I don't understand what is paid for by the government?

    Lv101 I was commenting on Simon's home turf, Canada, where conditions vary from province to province but over 50 % of deaths from the virus here have originated in elder care facilities. In my neighbourhood, the same giant quality facility will have both minimal service, where the government will pay all, but have the clients relinquish their pensions, to upscale ocean view separate suits, with a price.

    Amazingly, in this neck of the woods, near the size of Taiwan, there are only < 100 cases, no fatalities yet, but on partial shut down,

  • LV101

    Although the corrupt media won't report the facts there are a couple of drugs saving lives here and other countries. Thankfully, the governor of this state backtracked and is 'allowing' its use. It's the hydroxychloroquine combined with Z-Pack for 5 - 7 days. Saving thousands from ventilators - unreal. NY isn't going to admit it - it's all about politics and the election - but they're definitely using it saving lives and releasing patients daily.

    The med is 55 yrs. old and also highly effective for Lupus and Lyme disease. There's been no 'control trial' to date but there are a gazillion clinical trials. Thank gawd - even the Democratic politician in Michigan had to fight for the med in her liberal state - it literally saved her life and she is not unique. She's more than thankful for President Trump's information and production of millions extra on behalf of the American people. Check out the experts for facts who have been prescribing the med. All the hospitals should have it now - perhaps not Michigan.

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    If there are still any "no worse than flu" types about:

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    Lets be honest all know someone among that minority who repeatedly badger their doctors unnecessarily!!

    Apparently, there's something like 5-10% of the population that typically consume 70-80% of resources in terms of fire, police, ambulance and so on. I forget the country (probably one of the nordic ones) but they worked to identify these people and educate them as a more cost effective way of dealing with things than just paying more for services.

    Obviously people will genuine illness fall outside of this, although some illness is self-inflicted through lifestyle, diet and lack of exercise.

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    Another chart showing progress. This is how the estimate for the number of hospitalizations (and therefore beds needed) has reduced over time.

    You could take this to be great news, that we have all managed to play a part and reduce the pandemic through social distancing. Or, you might think the world over-reacted based on false data and wonky models that were just wrong.

    Something else to consider - why did we overreact? (assuming we did). Remember those scary videos of people in China collapsing and shaking violently before being put into a body bag and carted off? We haven't seen that at all - like it was fake news / propaganda. Makes you wonder *why* eh?

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    Pandemic Comparison: Probability and Number of De…:

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    waton - are you in the US - doesn't sound like it.

    I heard someone say that 1/3 of the COVID 19 deaths in the US are in the aged living facilities. That seems high to me and think I heard the rehabs are now experiencing more deaths past week or so. The facility my family member is at has not had any problems (or so I'm told) - yet - on the assisted side or the memory care. They locked down early even before the governor ordered stay at home and take temperatures at the door for healthcare professionals and staff. One could have COVID 19 and not have a fever - that wasn't too comforting.

    The facilities here certainly have room for improvement re/the state's insurance they encourage residents to sign on for. I refused to drop the good insurance for my family member as I didn't want to forfeit hospitalizations if necessary. I don't know how the gov't can be so negligent with the elderly - I was shocked.

  • LV101

    Vander - thx for sharing the video. Very good one re/stats -- the music drove me crazy - I'll view again as the stats have changed since 4/12. I think it indicated one in 44,600 or 66,400 will die of COVID 19. I swear it seems like it's been more.

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