Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • Simon

    Bad news for the "I'm young, so I don't care" crowd.

    Apparently 50% of those hospitalized are under 60 and 40% are aged 20 to 54.

    This doesn't just hit the old. Yes, the have worse odds, but don't think you're bullet-proof and immune if you're young.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Check with your GP (in other words, don't blame me if this is wrong or wouldn't be suitable for you) but I have just been told about an elderly Chinese lady who was diagnosed with the virus. She was admitted to hospital and the family asked that she be given Vitamin C. The clinicians resisted but later agreed on the basis that Vitamin C was so cheap. She was given it intravenously and recovered.

    From personal experience a few years ago I had a bad cough (I put it down to pioneering). Anyway a kind Christian lady (not a JW) took pity on me and told me about the benefits of high dose Vitamin C. She told me to go out and get Vitamin C with Riboflavinoids and take double the daily dose - she said the Riboflavinoids were important. She also told me that one clove of garlic would stop my cough for an hour. It did. She also recommended I make a tea of fresh grated ginger, with 2 tsp of cinnamon - let it brew and strain it, add honey and sip. It sooths the cough. All that she told me worked.

    None of the stuff the GP tried worked. But what she told me helped. In the end the real cure was to stop pioneering because I think the cough was stress induced from not getting proper rest.

  • slimboyfat

    What it takes to stop a pandemic:

    Why is our government (UK) so monumentally useless by comparison?

  • Phizzy

    " Why is our government (UK) so monumentally useless by comparison? "

    Because it is a Tory Government, they care nothing for 99% of the people they " Govern", they only care about the Economy and protecting their own wealth, and that of their friends and donors.

    This particular Tory Government is no different from all the Tory governments of the last 150 years or so in the above. What is remarkable about this particular shower of shit is that they have managed to put in to position an entire Cabinet and a Prime Minister, all of whom are not only not qualified for what they need to do, but are even the least qualified among their Party, none of whom are themselves actually that well qualified !

    Jeeez, is the U.K going to hell in a Shitcart !

  • ScenicViewer

    @ Anna Marina,

    You said "Vitamin C with Riboflavinoids..."

    Did you by chance mean 'with Bioflavonoids'? When I google it bioflavonoids keeps coming up.

    If it's really ribolavinoids can you give a brand name?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Doctor Who
  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi ScenicViewer - yes Bioflavonoids - sorry I didn't get the name right. I am in UK and I bought Vit C-1000mg with Rose Hips from Holland & Barratt.

    The lady told me to take double the daily dose which I did while I was so ill with a death rattle, endless dry cough. Where I worked, I was right next to a public health team who were surprised but curious at what I had been told. Taking double the daily dose is not recommended but I was told it so firmly and I was so ill, I did and I made a full recovery.

    I did not have Corona virus, it was long before that. I had been pioneering and the routine was stressful and I could not rest properly. So the cough probably had more to do with acid reflux rather than an infection. But her advice was the only thing that provided me with any relief.

  • compound complex
  • Jehalapeno

    Former coworker that works in the travel industry just called me.

    Their company of 140 employees just got cut. They’re now a company of 16 employees.

    This is gonna be our generation’s Great Depression.

  • Simon

    What happens if / when you have Covid-19, are you then immune? How long might immunity last if you are?

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