Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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    They really aren't

    In Australia they really are, I know from personal experiences.

    Arrive at 9am for two appointments, 10am and 11:30, get seen at 1pm for the 10am and they’ll reschedule the 11:30 for another time. This is not uncommon. I can tell you that the outpatients clinic at the biggest Childrens hospital in my state is constantly booked at 150%.

    I can’t speak for Canada, UK or America, I doubt it gets much better though

  • hoser

    We are 3 to 4 generations removed from hard times(1929-1945). We live in a hedonistic society in the west. This is why our healthcare is such a shambles. Governments had money to piss away on pet projects in the good times and not invest in needed infrastructure.

    In a democracy our elected officials are a reflection of us. You and I. Did I prepare to not have a pay check for however long this pandemic is when I was buying that big ass flat screen tv? Nope. Just like most everyone else. The good times were never gonna end.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Nope. Just like most everyone else. The good times were never gonna end.

    That's the one good thing I came away with as a former JW. You were always ready for the next shoe to drop and were prepared for things to go from bad to worse. This gave some JW's the attitude that saving for the future didn't matter since it was all going to end. For me, it made me want to be prepared for the hard times that came, before the end actually came.

  • Simon

    If healthcare systems can put resources into gender treatments, they are not overstretched, they are simply mismanaged.

    If healthcare systems have fancy head offices and are spending money on 'luxury' things, they are not overstretched, they are simply mismanaged.

    The solution to mismanagement is never to hand over more money. They solution is to remove bureaucracy and management. Same deal with teaching - they are always complaining there is no money but there is plenty money spent on non-essentials and waste.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Simon I agree with you. I have witnessed such mismanagement.

  • stan livedeath
  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I agree but having no government oversight over insurance companies is like having the fox watching the hen house. Someone has to stop their greed but who? I don't have the answer to that one.

    On another thought friends of ours are leaving France tomorrow. It has been very difficult for them to leave because France is in a total shutdown. They had to get permission to have their in laws drive them to the airport. When they arrive home they have to do a 2 week self imposed quarantine. Which is what most are doing around here. Still Totally ADD

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    In the UK, the issue appears to be - which parts of the health service make money and could make money if privatised. Potentially money-making ones get the money thrown at them but those that don't make any money have their budgets slowly cut back in the hope that no one notices. Such as care for the elderly.

    When a population no longer values its widows and orphans, things deteriorate because no one is that fussed about the sad plight of the most helpless.

  • newsheep

    Anna Marina I was thinking the same thing and how the elderly and widows are just a burden to some. But then I thought why wouldn't Trudeau get these ones that lost their jobs and get out there and help the elderly. If they don't show up to help, they don't get paid. At least the youth keeps moving. And for once the elderly get some respect!!

    It saddens me to see some of these elderly ones work all their lives and then this happens. And if some die the government then gets what the elderly paid into all their lives. By the end of this all the government will still say they are in the red for a long long time.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Newsheep

    In the UK, once people pass a certain age, their health care costs go up. People imagine that somehow their best interests are being cared for, until reality hits them as they slow up. Then they see just how much they are cared for. Their strength is gone, their voice not heard. Subtle obstacles have to be overcome that the elderly never imagined they would face. Such as ever changing carers who only have 15 mins to give you and turn up late (because they can't help it they are under so much pressure). But, do hope you don't mind getting up at 10am and going to bed a 2pm. Or sitting in a filthy wet diaper feeling thirsty, let alone depressed for a few hours, as your toothache flares to agony but no one hears you scream. Or they do but no one is available to respond.

    One reason why its a good idea to help those who are struggling. Over many years you gradually see what happens to them and what is awaiting you.

    The British healthcare runs primarily on the goodwill of those doing the caring. Many of whom are not given the support and in some cases are even hamstrung from providing the level of care they want to provide. Their goodwill owes far more than is ever acknowledged to Chrisitan values.

    People need love and compassion. Not hands-off corporate neglect with endless excuses and the learning of lessons which were really learnt years ago but conveniently forgotten.

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