Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • Simon

    Update to the trajectory of countries as the virus hits.

    All you have to do is look at Italy, then where your country is along the same line.

    Lockdowns are to try and switch to the S.Korea / Japan / Singapore / Hong-Kong path.

  • newsheep

    It's pretty bad when the military is called in to put people into lock down. They are not listening. China flew in some chinese doctors to Italy and they were appalled to see people walking around outside. They said that this virus will keep going on as long as people keep mingling so Italy called in the military to make the lock down happen. What a world!

  • NCC-1701


    EVANGELICALS of every stripe have pretty much the same mindset since
    they live in a different world

    Republicans of every stripe...

    Democrats of ever stripe...

    Politicians, Gun advocates, Environmentalists, Vegans, Atheists, Pacifists, Texans, Apostates, etc., etc...

    Anything can be categorized and placed into neat generalizations. While not agreeing with what much of what others believe, wouldn’t we at least concede that most people are well intentioned. Would an aberration be a proper representation of any of the above?

  • Zana

    Interesting read, especially the latter part about what they call "the dance", which is what for example South Korea, Singapure and Japan are doing:

    Summary of the article:

    Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak of infections afterwards, and it can all be done for a reasonable cost to society, saving millions of lives along the way. If we don’t take these measures, tens of millions will be infected, many will die, along with anybody else that requires intensive care, because the healthcare system will have collapsed.

  • Simon

    I was thinking about how much flatter the curves are for S.Korea / Japan / Singapore / Hong-Kong.

    Q: What do they have in common?

    A: You saw people regularly wearing surgical face masks even before all this started.

    One theory is that even if a face-mask doesn't stop infection completely, by reducing the dosage you get, the virus could develop more slowly and give your body more time to respond so you get milder symptoms vs being blasted with a heavy dose and it getting overwhelmed. This may be why medical staff are hit so hard with it - too much sudden exposure in a short time-period.

    That's for airborne transmission. It also prevents you touching your own face which helps prevent the other major method of transmission.

    The messaging we were being told that "face-masks don't help" is a lie. The message was really "they damn well do help but we didn't think to stock up enough so we want you to not have them so we can". I understand that healthcare workers need them and should have them. The problem isn't regular people buying them, it's healthcare management not doing their job.

    If I could see this coming, and ordered some in advance, surely someone who's sole job it was to monitor and manage this kind of think should have been on it?

  • ElderEtta

    Simon that is spot-on

  • Dagney

    Adding another observation. I work in an office where someone is ALWAYS sick, especially certain ones...and I mean always.

    I noticed a few days ago nobody is sick. No coughing, no sneezing...nothing. Seriously, it’s just never like this. I think this ongoing attention to the hand washing etc. has yielded this overall health benefit.

    I hope going forward we continue a measure of these habits.

  • LV101

    Yes - I didn't buy the negatives re/face masks - they were preserving for the health/medical workers. I hope I'm wrong. I couldn't find any to buy much less hoard. I have a few for painting when using the mineral spirits/paint thinners and cleaning brushes.

  • Simon

    Why you may have heard we can't create a coronavirus vaccine and why we really can.

    TL;DR; it comes down to economics of vaccines, liability and risk.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I'm surprised they don't hold the religionists responsible for inciting a gathering. I guess since it isn't an enforced lock down, the people listening to their religious leaders are fools and responsible if they get infected?

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