What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • Qcmbr

    Just a quick balance to the above. The industry I work in was responsible for bringing in a lot of Indians to my town. A world of difference. Polite, often funny, dressed like us, hard working and a real asset to themselves and India. The Sikhs and Hindus are bloody brilliant, their kids raise the average level of the classes and they aim high. That's what positive immigration from a great culture means.

  • littlerockguy

    I'm just going to leave this right here



  • Spoletta

    I only had to listen to this guy's opening remarks to know that 99% of what he was going to say for the next 6 minutes was his opinion, not real information.

    This was a video he very much wanted to make, despite his disclaimer.

  • bohm

    Qcmbr: That is a bloody awful experience. Do you know why the UK got so many Pakistanis?

    littlerockguy: Instead of youtube videos, can't we try to have a serious discussion about numbers? I tried fact-checking that guy once and the experience wasn't great.

  • Qcmbr

    bohm - honestly I don't know. Maybe its the old Empire thing. We haven't to my knowledge had many middle eastern immigrants though we did have some fantastic Muslim Kurds temporarily staying in my street while they got degrees (Genuinely lovely people, with the exception of a headscarf dressed the same, shared recipes with my wife, cooked us huge meals and hung out for family picnics - even now their kids in Kurdistan and mine skype - one of the mothers actively encouraged my younger kids to play with theirs to help them learn English - they weren't even planning on staying).

  • Ruby456

    well if we don't want British culture to be replaced white Brits (as I guess this is the culture you are referring to QCMBR that needs to be kept) need to have more children. same goes for Sweden as the population is aging there faster than the UK. Part of the reason they let refugees in was to offset this deficit. But they got mainly men while in jobs that mainly women do in Sweden - care for the elderly - there is huge shortage.

    edit: governments only let people in who are needed.

    bohm so many pakistani males were allowed in because there was a tremendous shortage in textile factories and these guys were willing to do lots of shift work - I mean they were prepared to eat and sleep work and also to take orders from women managers and to do menial work. so I guess in a sense they helped establish feminism's aims to see more female managers in positions of authority at a time when guys were a bit wary. Although it is truly sad that some of these men took out their frustrations on local girls and women although most did not as most were hugely afraid of the violent and nonviolent racism they encountered and tended to remain indoors. this is well documented.

    personally I have no problem with utilitarian motives as this enables an objective view of the situation

  • cofty

    Qcmbr - thank you for your first-hand insights on mass immigration.

    well if we don't want British culture to be replaced white Brits... need to have more children. - Ruby

    No need. We just need to toughen the rules around immigration. Tony Blair cynically created mass immigration in the UK - over 2 million in a decade - for selfish reasons.

    Brexit is the first step in taking back control.

    By the way Trump was not wrong about Sweden.

  • Ruby456

    Indians also encountered huge racism and this is the reason they tended to start their own businesses - sweet shops and such like - they simply could not find jobs otherwise that were not menial. this is also well documented. there are no cosy readings of such events. I don't have a problem with people constructing cosy readings - I mean I construct my own - it is when such ideas incite violence - verbal or otherwise - that I feel the need to interject.

    this is a wonderful planet after all and everyone wants a bite.

  • Ruby456

    cofty Trump's agenda and vision is huge and I have no doubt that many people fully endorse it - but he needs lots of children being born to the people and culture he wants to preserve.. so he is a little shortsighted in that respect.

  • cofty
    he needs lots of children being born to the people and culture he wants to preserve..

    You are confusing race with culture and playing into the hands of racists. Tens of thousands of Indians and Poles are very much part of British culture.

    Germany and Sweden are busy destroying their cultures. Merkel is motivated by masochistic guilt.

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