What did President Trump say about Sweden?

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  • Ruby456

    Germany also needs workers - she also has utilitarian motives amongst others

    edit: please forgive me for violating your pigeonhoes

  • Ruby456

    a hindu Indian couple who own and run a sweet shop 2 mins form my home have to put up pictures of people who are not welcome in their shop since the brexit vote. some older brits had begun to rant racist taunts and petty violence in their shop. the police told them to put up pictures saying who was not welcome that they'd caught on camera.

    Another Hindu Indian couple have simply shut up their shop selling groceries and moved out of the area.

    culture is always messy and ambivalent - people settling in and people not settling in

    the problem as I see it is that racism could cause the very ones who are being seen as settled and as as good for society - to leave. while the ones one wants to see less of multiply bcause they say well it has always been like this for us - we are used it in other words - so we will say. they then become settled and add to society in positive less negative way

    example of a positive example is Naughty boy - he is Pakistani and he is contributing to British music

    not sure where our mayor's family are from - but he is contributing to society and culture

  • darth frosty
  • Ruby456

    list of Pakistanis contributing to life in the UK to balance the negatives


    considering that pakistanis had such a low start in Britain they have worked hard and now 10% reach professional status not bad when you consider that white British are at 12%

  • Landy

    Currently my two youngest children are a white minority in their classes, the teaching staff are slowly being replaced by multi language speakers (which stands to reason) and the school governors are now 50% non-white

    And that's a problem because?

    A sex grooming gang of paedophilic Asian men made the national news and they used a flat above a shop , in view of my house (~100 metres away.) Most of them got away with it. The story has been published in a book called 'I never gave my consent'. My wife's former employer was told to sell his business to an Asian businessman and then was beaten up and robbed. He sold. The same happened to the local autorepair company - its now Asian owned. My wife gets weekly abuse in her current job - mainly from Asian , male youths (not exclusively but mainly.) The local drug dealers are based around the Asian taxi firm which is just around the corner from my house where they run an illegal repair shop from a private dwelling. Each night Asian youths park up around the house smoking and dealing.

    Criminals are criminals because they are criminals, not because they are a different race to you. Go to another town and the local feral youths will all be white.

    So this is what I mean - the incumbent population are being replaced.

    You don't seem to mind when it's the poles replacing the incumbent population, but you seem to think it's a problem when the darkies are doing it.

  • ttdtt
    We are the American Indians of our day and, just like them, we are exploring all the ways we can to survive.

    Laika - OMG you are so right. How can someone say something like that.

    I guess its true that WHITE MEN are a Minority in ALL Positions of power, like The White House, Congress, State Governorships, State Senates, CEOs of American Business, University Professors, Police, Fire Departments, CIA, FBI, News Paper Owners - Editors - Writers, Media Conglomerate Tycoons.

    The list goes on and on.
    The next thing that will happen is that White Men will have to be moved to Internment camps when forced out of the few positions they have by Undocumented Immigrants.

    I weep for us Poor White Folk. So Sad.

  • Qcmbr

    ttdtt - Landy - Laika

    I gave two examples of immigration - one where the immigrants integrated, contributed and strengthened the community - their race, colour, religion did not cause issues because their fundamental attitude was positive. I also gave the alternative where one particular culture with one overriding religion is not integrating, is pushing out local businesses, is rapidly bringing in extended family, is using the social provisions to their maximum and at the school level is starting to lower the educational attainment levels and forcing a greater share of resources to be spent on assistants and teaching materials that further reduce integration into British society, they are now the dominant criminal force locally, they have directly harassed my wife due to their anti-women teaching and they are replacing the community with its own forcing the incumbents to move.

    I suspect you live somewhere without significant problems like this otherwise you'd be able to make a less naive assessments.

    Make a poster and wear a hat - that'll help.

  • Landy

    Criminality and anti social behaviour are just that. Yet you find a way to correlate it to race. Correlation is not the same as causation.

    I haven't done this but I'm pretty sure if you went to New York or LA and went into their criminal court building the vast majority of people in there waiting to appear or waiting to support the accused will be Black or Hispanic.

    Does that mean that all Black or Hispanic people have a greater propensity to be criminals or do you think there could be other factors at play?

  • redvip2000
    Criminality and anti social behaviour are just that. Yet you find a way to correlate it to race.

    But who says there isn't a correlation? I'm always surprised at people who somehow think that all humans are 100% equal, almost in support of tired ole meme that says we were all created equal.

    Well guess what! Were were not created. And we are not equal. Different races have different traits, and it makes sense that this applies to emotional and mental traits as well. You see this in other organisms also. Different dog breeds have different personality traits.

    Is there a study about this for humans? Nope, it will never happen. No researcher will ever touch this subject with a 10 foot pole, and it's probably best this way. I see more hard then good coming out of a study like this.

    But the fact is that it's quite plausible that some races are more prone to violence than others, and more prone to a lot of different things than others. and if that's true, then it's just the way it is.

  • Simon
    Criminality and anti social behaviour are just that. Yet you find a way to correlate it to race.

    Because sometimes, there are correlations. In this case it's because of the knock-on correlation between certain religion and the races that tend to hold them.

    Does that mean that all Black or Hispanic people have a greater propensity to be criminals or do you think there could be other factors at play?

    It doesn't mean that you can point to any black or hispanic person and say they are a criminal or not, but it can mean that the likelihood may be higher than if you point to an asian person for example. That's simple stats.

    It doesn't mean that their color is the reason for them being criminal though - there are undoubtedly going to be other factors at play, although some of these factors (like education, social culture) may also themselves be related to color.

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