It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • slimboyfat
    An elder told me that blatant DF offences that 90 days doesn't apply thus you can't just screw around, repent and get reinstated after 90 days.
    Supposedly more direction was given to elders.

    If the new relaxed rules don’t apply to fornication or apostasy, then what’s left? Doesn’t that account for 90%+ of cases?

  • jehovaxx

    That elder is wrong. It’s only apostasy the kind Lloyd Evans is doing. Or promoting serious sin which I’m not sure what it means.

    Everything else you are only DFed for 90 days

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    There's a lot not only in that livestream but in statements he's made over the years that he's unintentionally revealed there is more to what he is telling us.

    With that in mind, check out footnote #97 in TRA regarding the first JC:

    When preparing this chapter I came across the letters and emails I sent to Wilmslow and Bramhall elders over this period, which are still on my hard drive and now make for disturbing reading. The tone is self-abasing as I prostrate myself, scrambling to avoid disfellowshipping at a time when rescuing my marriage should have been my only concern. It is obvious that I was a completely different, more servile person than I am now, and acting under powerful forces I was then unable to comprehend.

    Does this sound like he only got caught sexting? Multiple "letters and emails" to elders in two congregations? He makes it clear he wanted to avoid DFing more so than his marriage crumbling, probably because he knew he could manipulate his wife. All of this over sexting?

    But the parent passage in his book seemingly contradicts this:

    In a series of disciplinary meetings before a “judicial committee” comprised of three elders I was asked to go into extremely intimate detail regarding the nature of my online encounters, what precisely these involved, with whom and how often. [96] These hearings were extremely emotional. I recall breaking down in tears on at least one occasion. At the time I did not feel the nature of questioning was overly invasive or inappropriate. I believed I was receiving needed discipline from God’s organization, and I simply had to man up and see it through for the benefit of my marriage. Of course, I now cringe at the thought of sharing such personal matters with men who had no more right to this information than my local postman or storekeeper, but at the time I was convinced it was necessary. [97]

    In this passage he thought coming clean to the elders would save his marriage! Which one is it?!

    So we know that it was a "series" of JCs with elders from both Wilmslow and Bramhall congregations. All due to at least two instances of sexting? The level of detail and the hoops he had to jump through doesn't match the crime of sexting.

    It would however match the crime of an actual physical encounter with one or more of his chat victims.

  • slimboyfat

    I can’t stand his sanctimonious attitude in his writing as if he’s got everything figured out and he’ll tell you what’s what. This from somebody who treated his family like dirt. I don’t know how anyone can read a whole book of that stuff. 🤮

  • Elena

    Would Lloyd have been DFed same situation now? No if he went to that much effort at all the JD meetings he would not be DFed now. Even If he has then he could use the new appeal process to overturn the decision.

    What would have happened if he and millions like him never got DF’ed?

    I personally know of many I can think of who got DFed over the years who now would not have been. And if they were it would only be for 90 days and then relatively easy to return

  • Diogenesister
    If the new relaxed rules don’t apply to fornication or apostasy, then what’s left? Doesn’t that account for 90%+ of cases?

    Exactly. I suppose it will allow the odd boozy elder with DUI's (drink driving ban) back into the fold, but like you say it won't account for 90% of cases.

    It looks like the GB may be the ones who will "bring down the Tower," leaving Lloyd out in the cold.

    That's exactly what I was thinking. It might mean a bump in interest for him right now but in the medium to long term there'll be no reason to maintain such a high level of scrutiny on the future more mainstream Watchtower organisation.

  • ForeverAlone

    I was reading this thread on here Are you pro-activist, anti-activist, or passive? (page 3) ( and I found this interesting what Lloyd posted.

    He stated that he wanted to get past JW stuff 12 years ago. It kind of makes you wonder what was he planning to do for money back then when he got past the JW stuff?

    I should add that I don't plan to put this much time and energy into my activism indefinitely. I hope to eventually reach a stage where my work is on record, and I am able to move on with my life and put my JW experience well and truly behind me. However, even when I reach that stage in the future, I can't imagine that I would wish to make it difficult or needlessly complicated for people to see the real truth if I were asked for an opinion on JW-related matters. In that respect, even when I'm no longer an "activist", I'll still be "pro-activism".
    He stated that he wanted to get past JW stuff 12 years ago.

    Perhaps that was stated at a time prior to him realising that it was financially lucrative?

  • Thisismein1972
    I obviously consider myself an activist


    I would definitely draw the line at picketing memorials as was once encouraged by a certain ex-poster on this forum.

    Can't help getting the digs in can he

    I do consider writing books and website articles a form of activism, because it takes effort

    Yep, his hands do seem to do a lot of work.

    It gets wearisome at times, but I allow myself to be fuelled by the positive feedback

    Because you do not allow any criticism whatsoever.

    "when they're ready, they will come to us"

    Translated hence the quotes, come to him.

    I agree that you need to have doubts in the first place in order to do the research and put the effort in.

    Wait I thought you Lloyd was the only person who woke people up?


    If there is any takeaway from all the cedars/Lloyd debacle, this is one thing we need to see significance in. He used to sign off everything with his signature, he did think he was the authority in everything. Even back then his ego really did shine through.

  • Teddnzo

    Long time XJW’s are not in as much a position to talk about things because they have lesser understanding than those recently out. Or those PIMO’s still in.

    Its a completely different religion to when Lloyd was in so he really has to rely on watching other better YouTubers for all his info.

    The longer you are out the less you understand the new religion. There is not much interest in old religions that have been forgotten about.

    I see future activists who remain anonymous but can speak about what they actually know about themselves.

    Yes many DFed ones will go back now as undercover PIMO after these changes and maybe some of them will have anonymous YouTube channels documenting their PIMO experiences.

    Here is a brilliant example of an anonymous PIMO undercover reporter activist. Earth Magog

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