It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Simon
    Why even mention a viewer paid for all of it and that he’s more than happy to oblige?!
    Lloyd lies all the time about his finances. His trick is convincing these wealthy backers into thinking he’s about to close up shop for good.

    These things go together - the first is done to suggest that other people could do similar things and put their hands in their pockets to dig deep for a special donation.

    Hey, you might even get a mention if you're enough of a schmuck!

    And anyone donating money thinking that it does "something" for the exJW community and acts against the WTS in any way is as much a deluded fool as they were when they were a JW believing they'd be immortal.

    All they did was drop a t ... you're not immortal, now you're just immoral (yes, I'm judging anyone who enables behavior such as his).

  • Athanasius

    Since Lloyd lies all the time, how do we know if the sex workers he employed were female?

    Perhaps that explains why his wife was unable to satisfy his sexual urges.

  • Diogenesister
    DOC Midlife crisis?
    Maybe he should buy a sporty convertible!
    LMsARichard Kelly was the brainiac who shipped him a BMW and then covered the import and registration taxes when Jabba the Hutt complained that he couldn’t afford it.

    Was gonna say....he's been there, done that. On someone else's dime, of course.

    SlimYes wasn't that Marvin Shilmer? He had his own blog and did some really good work. I've zero idea why an intelligent man like that fails to see Lloyd is just a puffed up, incompetent windbag with a serious sounding veneer....all sound and fury signifying nothing etc

    "Bit his hand off" = accepted the offer with alacrity.

    At this point it's just beyond ridiculous. Never mind all the people Lloyd fucks up on the way. Don't they need bloody therapy, too? What an absolute shameless c#nt. Sorry but there's no other word for him🤬

    LMsAThat podcast by the Scathing Atheist is hilarious! Lloyd to a tee!

  • DerekMoors

    421. Yeah Lloyd people are really feeling sympathetic and supportive of how you basically can't do a damn thing for five weeks except go on vacation on someone else's dime and then act like no big deal, thanks for your patience, I promise to do some work sometime in the future. Your plan is working like a charm.

  • Toblerone5

    Only 5 days left ,and his now at 421 😁

  • Thisismein1972
    pro-JW people are funnelling him money to keep him going

    That has been on my mind too, you could be on to something here.

  • Debra02

    Why does he need to "go away" to have therepy anyway? don't they have therepists in Croatia, it's not like he would take any notice of them anyway as soon as they disagree with him he will throw a tantrum and threaten to sue them

  • TonusOH

    He isn't going anywhere for therapy. He doesn't have mental health issues. "I need to take care of my mental health" just sounds better than "I'm a lazy grifter."

  • Tamalam

    Pretty sure he said he had therapy already, in the time he was in Croatia. Didn't they do couples therapy too??

    There are definately therapists in Croatia. And if you absolutely have to go outside the country- Zoom and Skype exist.

    Zoom therapy was the only therapy for a long time during Covid.

    I actually started therapy in April 2020, and after 2 years I finished it. Within that entire time, it was all via telephone. I never saw my therapist face to face for 2 years. To this day I don't know what she looks like.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    This almost two year long “mental health break” and constant pleas for such are rich coming from someone who was exceptionally cruel with others and regularly used mental health as a weapon against those who disagreed with him.

    It was always “you should seek help, it looks like you’ve never left the JWs”. And he used it as a line of attack.

    I feel no sorrow for him and hope he continues to get nothing but grief from exJWS.

    Complete this “divorce” Lloyd.

    If you’ve “given up” on this generation of exJWs as you so arrogantly stated on your Aftermath video, you can also give up living off their goodwill.

    Looks like that decision has already been made for you. No one believes you need the money anymore.

    Fuck you, you ugly ass bitch. I hope poverty kicks you hard and real soon in your fat ass.

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