It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Ron.W.

    I just looked over some of the recent comments he actually allows to be published on his 'Lloyd Evans - The Aftermath' upload.

    Even those who are reasonably positive and offer fairly constructive comments are treated to quite caustic and smug replies from Lloyd...

    caustic and smug replies from Lloyd...

    Classic read….interesting to see him post 15 hours ago …. Approx midnight on the 12 Dec. 👍

  • Toblerone5
    Classic read….interesting to see him post 15 hours ago …. Approx midnight on the 12 Dec.

    This one is from 3 weeks ago ...Comments on the Scandal: The Aftermath video...

  • WingCommander

    Hey Lloyd: Do they have Walmart or Target stores in Croatia? How about ALDI? I'm sure you could acquire some sort of employment there instead of washing windows or landscaping.

    Something is better than nothing, ya fuggin' WANKER!!!!

  • DerekMoors

    Calling her a liar when she doesn't know the video was "delisted" (how could she know?) is slander. She should sue.

    He calls her attitude invasive. Yet, he put up both videos. How is she invasive by simply watching his videos? She should sue.

    Where did she twist the truth? Her first three sentences are actually questions. Her last two are her opinions, to which she is entitled. She twisted nothing. She should sue.

    Also, Lloyd should go fuck himself. Sideways. With a pineapple. Wrapped in rusty barbed wire. That's my opinion. Sue me.

  • WingCommander

    I agree with DerekMoors above. (the last paragraph in particular)

    Someone needs to go full "Wu-Tang!" on the Great Neck-Bearded One.

    Sew his asshole shut, and keep feedin' him, an feedin' him, an feedin' him!

  • TonusOH

    By making several accusations (liar, invasive attitude, repeating myths) he distracts from the point the user was making (make the video available so people can judge for themselves). Any attempt to respond will be derailed towards those points instead of the relevant one. This isn't anything new, he always deflects.

  • Toblerone5
    .Comments on the Scandal: The Aftermath video...

    This one is from 8 and 7 days ago !

  • Toblerone5

    From his India blast...JW Watch bulletin video (Nov 3) comments he was able to insult 2 people with one comment , bravo...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    This is all Vintage Lloyd ™. He takes one comment about a particular incident and extrapolates it over several others and then uses it to call you a liar. He's been doing this since he was posting here and it's probably been this way since he was a child.

    What the commenter was trying to convey to him was the legal concept of people being only subject to the laws of the nation they are in when the alleged offence took place. Since three of the 7 are US residents, what state court official is going to say "Private prosecutor? We never heard about this and it is not in our legal code... but, since it's Croatian law and this guy who took offence to your social media posts lives there, I'm afraid you are liable"?

    What Croatian court is going to say "Why yes Mr Evans, we agree with your contention that the Croatian Criminal Code is applicable to social media posts and YT videos made outside Croatia, and these seven people will be tried here as criminals and judged accordingly"?

    But you see how Lloyd turned that comment into something it was not? He was correct in implying that US laws and jurisdiction do not apply to HIM, but missed the larger point that likewise Croatian standards and law are inapplicable outside their borders. He always does this. He seeks out the ambiguous points or omissions in every comment made towards him and attempts to blow the entire thing up because it wasn't worded perfectly or had left a minor detail out.

    This smug attitude and flawed reasoning that is and remains pervasive throughout his head is why he cannot work a secular job with a standard chain of command. It's impossible to correct him even on the slightest of errors and he quickly turns his wrath on others. He'd never make it through the probationary period at any company. They'd quickly deduce that he's there to be obeyed and will cause trouble for anyone not in line with his dictates.

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