Do You Think Trump Bares Any Responsibility For The Mass Shootings Occuring?

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  • nonjwspouse

    Lack of a role model, of a consistent father in their life, regardless of exposure to guns, is a huge factor for the boys/men, and they commit most of these crimes by a very wide margin compared to females. The reason is not Trump. That is another antifa desperate attempt to point a finger again.

  • Humphry

    Boy is fake news really is hitting on Trump's speech in El Paso where he's was pushing his anti immigrant(Mexican) propaganda, calling them basically all crooks except for a small minority which he acknowledges might be good people(begrudgingly) listening to some of these recorded speeches was shocking to me I didn't know he was such a Xenophobe, and am changing my mind, I think he is partly responsible for this currant rise in gun violence. He needs to make a complete turn around in his campaigning rhetoric, it is poisonous especially to weak minds.

    His speeches have been outrageous and at times remind me of Hitler, they sorta have that tone.

  • Stealth

    @lv101 - I concede that the assault ban studies showed mixed results and more time would be needed for accurate proof either way.

  • Simon
    When President Clinton banned assault weapons and limit high-capacity magazines in 1994 there was a big drop in mass shooting deaths. When President Bush allowed the ban to expire, they rose again.

    It doesn't mean there is a causal relationship. Crime rates have risen and fallen in many countries, sometimes what causes it isn't the legislative shell gaming happening locally but larger patterns.

    These are complex issues and it's hardly ever a single cause, but often multiple factors at play.

    Politicians rely on reminding you off possible correlation when it suits, but avoid pointing out things that don't back up what they are pushing.

  • Simon

    Don't you like to know that the next time you board an airplane that the pilot and copilot have had training?

    Don't you like to know your doctor has had proper training when prescribing medicine to you?
    Do you want anyone to be driving a car next to you regardless of his or her age or ability to drive?
    Yes, we demand aptitude for things but these will not guarantee safety.

    What about the pilots who are qualified ... and deliberately fly their planes into buildings or mountains or into the sea, or the qualified engineers who design a plane that crashes for them?

    Doctors are great aren't they, it's a pity that medical errors and malpractice are one of the leading causes of death and over-prescribing has led to addiction, misery and death of many in their 'care'.

    Everyone on the road has passed a test to deem them worthy of the license to operate an automobile, yet so many crash ...

    The point is that even with background checks, there are going to be people who flip and go on shooting sprees. Background checks are a point-in-time evaluation - someone could have been fine when they got their gun, 2 years ago, and then their life changes.

    It alters the probability, that is all.

  • peacefulpete

    You might as well have asked if David Duke is responsible for the shootings. Your title is a deliberately provocative question meant to stir arguments about semantics while ignoring the real issue of how words can inflame a smoldering social ill like racism.

    BTW.. Remember David Duke felt that he and his fellow white supremacists where fulfilling Trumps mandate:

    And they love his language:

    It really doesn't matter if Trump is actually racist as he has made bed fellows with racists and has failed to give them convincing evidence that he is not on their side. On a rightwing forum I was on one day a couple posters voiced their conviction that when Trump now makes antiracist statements he was doing it for political reasons and at heart he was still their guy. So at least they believe Trump bears responsibility for actions of white supremacists.

  • LV101

    Is truth or facts ever revealed on liberal news stations -- they don't report the 50+ killed in Chicago over the weekend - now St. Louis is on the same killing spree. What about those innocent people! How about Baltimore - more deaths. What the liberals have done to the African-American families - unbelievable - rewarding family breakdowns. All cultural problems.

    BTW - seems one of the shooters was a strong leftist - seriously deranged since highshool but the left media isn't covering much about Dayton. There have been many shootings the past decade and no one blames the left but they sure play the blame game - nothing new.

    White supremacists are psychopaths but Antifa - anti-fascism alright and funded by leftists. The liberal cities are horror - LA/San Francisco. All the left media cares about is spewing hatred toward President Trump for their own ideology/political gain.

    If you're not an elite or a politician you better have a way of protecting yourself - they aren't going to protect you. No one needs serious firearms but one needs protection.

  • RubaDub

    It alters the probability, that is all.

    Simon ...

    I totally agree, life is about probabilities.

    You get a good education, the probabilities are in your favor to get a good job.

    You live a healthy lifestyle, the probabilities are in your favor to live a longer life.

    You drive carefully, the probabilities are in your favor not to have an accident.

    Yes, life is about probabilities.

    Guarantees no.

    Probabilities yes.

    Rub a Dub

  • Simon
    You might as well have asked if David Duke is responsible for the shootings...

    David Duke has endorsed a Democrat for president. By your logic, that means they are now responsible ... right?

    Clinton possibly has ties to KKK leaders, so she was behind white supremacy ... right?

    But "Orange man bad!" narrative, sure, let's push that.

  • Humphry
    If you're not an elite or a politician you better have a way of protecting yourself - they aren't going to protect you. No one needs serious firearms but one needs protection.

    I haven't had to protect myself from physical violence since 17 I'm 66 now. Threats of violence are rare for me here in the US. I think this whole gun for protection thing just appeals to people unjustified fears and gives them a measure of false security.

    They need to make stricter laws and limits as to how much fire power a person can have, get rid of the mega clips and automatic military type weapons. The right to bare arms was written when all they had was flintlocks and black powder surely this was not what our early father had in mind when they wrote the constitution.

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