Do You Think Trump Bares Any Responsibility For The Mass Shootings Occuring?

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  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Maybe in Canada but not in the USA. Many of them who end up in those cages did tried to come in legally. Most democrats do give a rats ass and so do most republicans. Trump restoring the laws of the land is like saying shit doesn't smell. The lair of the world he is and will always be. Next thing you will be telling people is he is the greater Cyrus. You need to stop taking less hate pills and be kinder to those of us who are on the left. Your statements are hateful and untruthful. The cult of trump runs strong in you. What the hell had happen to you Simon? You lead by example not hate. That is why many came to this site in the first place. Does this mean if I ever meet you in person you would spit in my face instead of saying hello it's good to see you. Just like Trump who has incited hate in his followers by what he says. Your words are just as powerful. The wedge you have driven between us runs deep. Thats all I have to say. A kinder Simon would be refreshing. Thank you for all the years of helping me and my wife in leaving the cult. Still Totally ADD

  • LV101

    Do liberals ever call their own (like the media) out re/their vitriol, hype and horrific criminal acts they do to the conservatives -- how about the president - OMG! We hear it day and night and it's because they've no candidate and are desperate. They've discouraged more Dems ever with their mouth. I know several ole 'blue-dog' dems and they can't stand their own party anymore. It's not because they're in love with the conservatives but the Democratic party has become atrocious and is unrecognizable. The journalists don't care about reporting facts -- it's all about their left wing agenda. I know many conservatives who watch fake news -- do any of you on the left ever try to confirm anything that's blathered out! Many old-time (and their lineage) democrats aren't too impressed with the Democratic history re/African Americans - FDR (most Dems' darling), etc., etc., but they hung in there - no longer.

    Obama sent home many illegals and used the cages. Most of those illegals have never lived so well -- offer those conditions to the liberal cities like LA, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis - gads every week it's another city controlled by liberals.

  • LV101

    WRONG RE/democrats are bad -- not the ones I know! Many gave up on the Dem party and during Obama's term! The Republican party became the new Democratic party to them and they can't identify with their old party.

  • LV101

    Learn a new word - WOW! President Trump has more hispanics on his side -- legal immigrants are adamant about illegal ones - change the laws when socialism is in effect. This racial vomit is nothing but a diversion so people can't concentrate on the wonderful economy. Nothing stays the same forever -- thankfully as slow as Obama's 8 yrs. (4 lucky ones) dragged on and on as the country sunk lower and lower.

    The left's brain has left the station.

    Why do you love all the Americans being killed by illegals so much - interesting. Thousands die monthly over the illegal drugs coming in from Central America - no big deal to liberals. They want socialism -- isn't this really about Obama's promise to redistribute wealth so those who prefer to slack a tad here/there can reap other's success. Most people are so envious of wealth and success - fact! They want it but not bad enough to work extra. Everyone wants and will do anything to get wealth the easy way.

  • MeanMrMustard


    Can you give one racist or xenophobic comment made by Trump? That is, quote him in context?

  • Simon

    Humphry, sorry pal - you don't get to just keep repeating the claims that you have been given a chance to back up but failed to do so.

  • Simon

    Donald Trump is Not Racist - Change My Mind:

  • peacefulpete
  • Simon

    They want to defund and abolish ICE, have no border walls, give free healthcare to illegal immigrants, make illegal border crossing a "civil" crime (whatever that means - sounds like just not enforcing it).

    It all boils down to open borders and incentives to attract illegal immigrants.

    Whatever they say in the soundbites after and however they dress it up, that's just spin. What matters is what they promise and what they call for and what they do when they are in office - they do nothing to help with border security and everything to undermine it.

  • minimus

    If the laws are followed, then there is no issue. Just follow the law. It’s simple. Break the law and you should expect punishment.

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