Do You Think Trump Bares Any Responsibility For The Mass Shootings Occuring?

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  • minimus

    When ANY mass shooting happens is it the President’s fault? I’m talking over the last few decades.

  • Finkelstein

    It seems like he has stirred up racism in America since he took office.

    He has had a history of making racist actions even before he went into politics in his real estate development projects.

    So maybe if is looks like a duck and quacks like a duck maybe it is a duck

  • Humphry

    I don't think so. The news media is making it a big deal and are more then ready to blame Trump. I see his responsibility as minimal. I will say this though that I think his black and white thinking about immigrants needs to be toned down because it is fanning the flames nationalistic extremism. As Prez he has a responsibility to set a good example for the people of US and I don't think he is doing a very good job with all his attacks on people like Cummings and the 4 congress women.

  • Tameria2001

    Nope, the one who is to blame is the person who did the shooting.

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    There was a mass shooting in El Paso Tx yesterday and in Dayton Today, and in Alpha Centauri happening right now, and this guy says it's Donald Trumps fault.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Humans tend to "mirror" one another's behavior. Remember the old adage "Bad association spoils useful habits".

    When we see someone yawn...we tend to yawn. When we hear a lame joke we tend to laugh when we see that others are laughing at it. This is why they play a laugh track after punchline during TV sitcoms.

    When we're around negative people we tend to get more negative ourselves.

    There is evidence that the more educated one is, the less they mirror others.

    No one should shoot at other people no matter what the President says or does or what is shown in the Media but the actions on the part of the President and the way in which it is highlighted the media can play a part in the overall "mood" of the country. There is evidence that mentally imbalanced and poorly educated individuals are affected more by this and can sometimes be prompted to mirror or imitate these shocking occurrences once they become aware of them or when they've been exposed to them enough.

    For this reason, some say that when these things happen, it would be better not to cover them in the media. They blame the media for sensationalizing everything or focusing on behaviors that draw in viewers. This may be an oversimplification of a complex issue, but it seems to me that the availability of weapons coupled with the fact that these events keep people tuned in to their televisions and advertising dollars are involved, we will likely see more of this until something changes.

  • Queequeg

    Nah, he's too busy golfing...

  • LV101
    Golfing - the man works 24/7 with no sleep (trying to correct all the status vacays of the slugs in office the previous decades!) and we know he'd be available to protect our country and it's best (military) if he receives a call in the middle of the night. Obama/Ole Hil asleep again -- too tired and couldn't care less.
  • stillin

    There are some fine people on both ends of the gun.

    Charlottesville, revisited.

  • LV101

    The Dem party has been screaming racism as they're MO card for decades -- they're notorious for this -- it can't be good for society. They need to work as professionals (the professional politicians they are after decades) and resolve the illegal immigration problem - change the laws or follow the laws.

    Mental health care in this country is critical -- take a look at the homeless population and the crimes.

    I'm not a gun person and can't understand why these very young men are so mentally deranged. How are they slipping through the system and need such mental health. Dayton criminal shot and killed his own sister and innocent people.

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