JW for 25 years, not been attending now for 6 years, wife jw all her life. I am disassociated, not by my own hand but that of the elders. My wife drifted and left the borg last august 2002. Happy to be away from the mind control - mind you, not that I was willing to sit back and take all the nonsense dished out - I would speak up if something was not to my liking, hence the reason as to why I was never made up. LOL.Not a yes man Read our history. Update: We are all well, its just that life goes on, and things take over, and every so often we check in to see who is on and not, all we can say is that we have been blessed in so many ways since leaving the borg, well it goes without saying.......oh and for you snoopers, we are living in a million pound house, and out family are doing really well, and moving into fantastic properties, so up yours....who needs the borg telling us how we should live?????