London Protest 2018

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  • josephus

    Thanks dubsteppped.

    Any event will have flaws but only a real asshole tries to shit on 8 months work and the combined efforts of 100+ people.

    Put up or shut up. Or as i prefer, put up or piss off.

    Proud of anyone who stands up rather than complain on a keyboard.

  • Exelder

    So this site is now controlled by self appointed police and nobody is allowed to express their viewpoint anymore.

    Sounds familiar.

    I will "piss off" then

    Ps. And I DID stand up.....I lost contact with my entire family when I left the JW's ...I haven't even met my new grandchild. I didn't have any qualifications to fall back on or a well paid job and have had to start from scratch which is not easy for a man in his late 50's. I just know pointless it is holding placards up at a conventiopn, no mattter how well intentioned.

    Josephus, this campaign is burning you up. If that is how you want to live your life, that is up to you. But I have every right as you to express my opinion. Your fight has NOT been tougher than mine just because you choose to protest.

  • josephus

    Was referring to that other guy, the ballbag not you.


  • _Morpheus
    I have had active JWs listen to my podcasts.

    Im not sure why you are taking this personally. ive long said that non confrontational activism, like this web site, jw facts and yes podcasts, are ideal for jw’s. They allow the needed anonymity to question . Protests do not.

    You never know who will listen, who might have a seed planted by activism, etc. All of this discouraging of people with the balls to do something publicly is pathetic. Sack up or shut up.

    😂😂😂😂 my we are angry today. Take a valium or shut up.

    See how effective that is? The problem is this sort of thing is never about helping witnesses. Its about making the protesters feel good at the expense of those they claim to want to help. Now shut up.

    Was it more effective that time? Probably not....

    We aren't in a cult anymore. I know some of you are so narcissistic that you feel the acts of every exjw reflects on you personally as one, but that's not true. Go show that you're different.

    Lol ahhh multiple times in the same thread! Cant be a discussion until we pull the ‘former cult member card’... but ive already pointed that out on this thread. Im going to be narcissistic and call it “morphs law”.

    Write a book (didn't you Morpheus, or am I thinking of someone else)

    Someone else.

    , sing a damn song,

    Thats flippers thing

    sit on your hands and do nothing, whatever you want. Let others do the same.

    I cant “let” others do anythings. They need no permission from me or am i narcissistic enough to think they need my permission... do you they need such?

    If we can't, that's fine too. The way some act like they're the governing body of exjws in trying to tell everyone how to feel about the cult or how to react to them is the same as the bullshit we all lived in.

    Morphs law!

    As someone on here said once, your JW is showing.

    Morphs law!

    Celebrate diversity and freedom and let others be themselves.

    “Others” dont need permission to be themselves. They already are.

    It's hard enough to fight the cult without your ex cult members pissing
  • _Morpheus
    Put up or shut up. Or as i prefer, put up or piss off

    What does that mean, exactly? It seems to mean ”do as i do or shut up”. Isnt that exactly what your railing against... people demanding uniformity of thought and action....? Oops your cult is showing.

    Morphs law!

  • john.prestor

    This thread has gotten out of hand. Everybody needs to calm down and extend each other some common courtesy.

  • Exelder

    I have just watched Josephus's latest video on Youtube (The Great Apostate) and although I don't agree with the methods of protesting, I take my hat off to him because I did not realise just what else he does to help ex-witnesses.

    He doesn't JUST protest but assists many ex JW's both financially with practical help at great cost to himself, not just finanancially but emotionally.

    For what it is worth, I have a new found respect for him and for his work ad I owe him an apology for putting such a downer on his big weekend which took a lot of organising, preparation and personal financial cost.

    Wishing him a safe journey home and am glad that he felt that his weekend went well.

    The link to the video,,,, 3 mins 35 seconds in is particularly poignant

  • josephus

    Thank you very much exelder.

    I apologise if you thought I was attacking you. Disagreement is natural and welcome but to insult our efforts and call me a liar as another did is pathetic.

    All the best to you.

  • sparrowdown

    Thanks to all who attended the protest, good job guys.

  • freddo

    It takes a big person to apologise.

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