London Protest 2018

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  • Exelder

    Instagram is huge among JW kids (it least it was 3 years ago) because they were warned off other social media sites like Facebook.

    Instagram gave them tighter controls on who friended them and can see the information.

    I am not sure whether JW kids would be brave enough to show any apostate stuff in their feed because word would soon spread, particularly as parents and other JW congregation members would be able to see the information. It wouldn't take long before the whistle was blown.

    When I left, some were experimenting with Snapchat but that has gone mainstream too.

    Of course, I am old and out of the loop now, so I am probably wrong lol

  • Phoebe
    Instagram is big in my old congregation among young and old. Of course all accounts are private but when I was part of the congregation I saw endless photos of conventions/field service etc. No one was on Facebook or Twitter because it was frowned upon. Not sure anyone would be brave enough to share photos of the protest but they might....who knows.
  • Doubter

    These protests are really ineffective for several reasons:

    They are not interfering with, or blocking jw operations. So you are not putting the GB in a position to where they have to acknowledge or negotiate with you. So essentially, standing on the sidewalk holding signs and yelling is nothing short of idle complaining. That’s why protestors are ignored by jws. Being able to ignore them neutralizes their cause. You can complain at home.

    It has virtually no effect on the GB because they don’t stand to lose anything by you being there.

    Secondly, there is absolutely nothing new or novel about protests. They don’t effect any practical change because all the media wants is a sensational story. Once that wears off, they move on. And since the ex-jws merely saturate the public, there is less interest since it’s no longer “news”.

    Thirdly, these protests appear to be only about attention-whoring, grabbing cash, and carving out careers. Everyone’s starting gofundme campaigns asking for tens of thousands of dollars just to stand on a freaking sidewalk. Some I’ve seen are critically underfunded.

    So unless jws lose something pretty significant as a result of these protests, they will never work. A handful of jws “thanking you” is hardly a blip on their radar.

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