London Protest 2018

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  • scary21

    Josephus, great job ! I remember being a young girl around 8-10 seeing " the evil slave class" It really peaked my interest. I think it can have a great effect on the younger ones, That in its self is worth it. It worked for me.

  • Dubfounded

    This is my First post, been lurking for about a year. (I will post my story another time)

    the results of any protest/marketing campaign should be easily measurable. Ask the guys at JW Facts to look at the analytics of the website, if set up correctly they can see new hits and what areas/ regions etc if there was a spike in London or the uk over the course of the convention and the following days then some good was being done.

    when the dubs sit at the cart all day and talk to no one the spin is ,it’s a good witness they know who we are, we are doing good. I even heard one brother say, if you knock on the door and no one answers, it’s a good witness, as even in there Head they have said Jehovah’s Witnesses! the seed is sown!

    so Josephus, the seed is sown. Even years down the line, people will still remember seeing you all there, and maybe just maybe!

  • Exelder

    Dubfounded, that is actually a really good point and a great retort to their own spin.

    I'd be interested to know what the stats were at JW Facts.

  • josephus

    We have had a spike of clicks to the vast apostate army page, all from the uk.

    The jwfacts were not involved we told everyone to go there. I imagine they will be even higher.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Welcome Dubfounded, you will find a lot of like minded people here.

  • Exelder

    Thanks for update Joephus. I am glad that you have seen some results after all the work you have put in. Hopefully some enquiring JW minds will see that you are a good guy and are there to help them get out of the zombiefied bubble of a world that they are in.

  • happy@last

    It really was a great weekend and yes lots of people approached us and thanked us. A lot came up out of curiosity too asking us questions and within minutes had 'attendants' come up and usher them away! Mind control and feet control in action.

    There were also lots and lots photographing us, I was astounded to see so many JWs taking such an interest.

    But it wasn't just all about the JWs that were there. A lot of members of the public came up to us, there were of course other events at the ExCel centre and they were impressed with our protest, and they have now been given information to arm them in furthering our message.

    All in all, it was a memorable and I believe momentous few days.

  • Phizzy

    Well done to all who took part !

    At one time I used to think that this kind of protest was not very productive, and I don't think it was, a few years ago, but now I am sure its time has come !

    So many JW's are disturbed at all the things that are happening, and that they are hearing, and deep down they know they are not being told the truth by the Org, so will seek out info. and will be spurred on to do so by such excellent work as you guys are doing !

    Good that you are engaging with the Public too, the more well-informed they are the better ! Well done again, and all the best for the coming Weekend !

  • Exelder

    At one time I used to think that this kind of protest was not very productive, and I don't think it was, a few years ago, but now I am sure its time has come !

    Phizzy, I was exactly the same, but after looking at the evidence, it is very different from the days of old.

    When I was younger we used to be terrified of apostates and would see this group of people, ranting and shouting and we would keep our heads down and get inside the safety of the convention as quickly as we could and that was our only experience of "apostates".

    They were almost like the Boogy Man for JW kids.

    Now, as i saw in the videos, the protests are peaceful, good natured, friendly and point to a safe place where people can look at more information about the cult if they want to.

    The Internet makes it much easier to give a more credible and informative explanation of what they are doing, rather than a 2 minute rant from 'scary people' that I used to see when I was young.

    I think that you are right....and I am sure that the time has now come for effective protesting.

    Thanks to Josephus and my own research, my viewpoint now, is the complete opposite of what it was 24 hours ago.

  • Jehalapeno

    No matter how many of you VAA virtue signallers downvote me, I would still rather go fishing than waste another Saturday or Sunday on this cult.

    They took too many of my weekends. They aren’t getting a minute more of my time.

    Youre free to waste your weekends all you want. But fuck that. I want to live and enjoy what little time I have left.

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