London Protest 2018

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  • LV101

    josephus - Your signs are great. If so many have been hurt then why would they not pay heed and read a sentence/sign or 2! The apostates and their signs at Los Angeles, California, (1989-90) during my first convention were the most impressive thing of the 3-4 day waste of time. I knew from the protest/signs at out of town venues that I wasn't alone and I was brainwashed at that point about the lying truth! Simple phone numbers to call on signs -- something 1914 in the number! They were all kind people -- they were free people compared to the brain-washed JWs. No one protesting was obnoxious. The best was a young man at the convention door in Phoenix, Arizona. So funny - the protesters were the highlight of the boring, hot, miserable, conventions, I attended.

    Do your thang - if helping others helps you then go for it -- now more than ever folks just might pay heed.


  • _Morpheus
    I'm done now and back to the real world but we made a difference and most people see it.


  • just fine
    just fine

    I don’t think there is only one right way to do anything. I think a crowd that big protesting gets more attention because you can’t say it’s just a “crazy guy” out there protesting. It’s probably not something I would do, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

    Just this week I met with our county commissioners to ask that they stop allowing the JWs to leave literature in the county complex. Every time I go in there there are Watchtower and Awakes - they shouldn’t be allowed in a County Building. I made my case, they agreed. And now no more literature in the county building. (They are not going to allow any religious material even though only JWs were leaving their garbage there).

  • LV101

    Too many believe doing nothing helps the world -- that's a problem! Effort needs to be exerted in diplomatic, concerted, ways. Cults are a challenge and so few are aware much less how to deal with them and that's an issue. Whatever works - trial and error but cults are so difficult.

    I laud your effort, Josephus -- as long as it's not hindering you from living a healthy life! Don't live what's not your passion!

  • Exelder

    Just fine and LV101...I am guessing that by your response, you have never been a JW ro dedicated strong JW.

    For a JW, the more protesters there are, the more real JW's would ignore it and would not use your rational thinking.

    Banners and protesters make them cower and retreat into the faith even more. They have had YEARS of indoctination and the shutters come down at even a sniff of apostasy.

    And LV101 ....if you look at josephus's videos (The Great Apostate), the poor guy is very unhappy and gets very low.

    The JW's continue to consume and influence his life even though he has left. The protesting is not letting him get on with his life. He seems a lovely guy and I feel so sorry for him, but protesting is not the answer and help in the long run.

  • just fine
    just fine

    Just because I don’t believe you are correct in your beliefs it means I was never a JW??

    Well listen up - I spent my entire life in that damn cult - until I was brave enough to leave. I might have left earlier if I had known of so many others who knew it wasn’t “the truth”. Oh and I wasn’t just a fringe JW, just so you don’t dismiss my experience.

    It’s good to see you haven’t lost your JW sense of “I’m right an everyone else is wrong.”

  • freddo

    Well ex-elder - they weren't ranting - just stood quietly with signs and facts and showing where evidence is to be found. Facts to back it up. JWfacts to back it up.

    The sheer numbers will make this a talking point in jwland here in little old UK - those that want facts will go on line and look up the sites in the comfort of home.

    Imagine the child abuse victim or the parent of the child abuse victim who was badly treated and still believing. The one who believes that her case was the exception and loyally continues serving the borg.

    She sees a hundred people outside her convention stood quietly with their placards. Her mother sees them too. They see a list in the window of a car of all the pedo's.

    They check Sewell or Porter or Rose and see it is endemic. Then they see the ARC and they give themselves permission to look deeper.

    It's like BUCKEROO - who knows what item will finally make the donkey kick?


  • Exelder

    And like a JW, you don't seem to have the ability to debate.

    All I am saying is that if you want to reach JW's, protesting is not the way to do it. You will make them stronger.

  • LV101

    Gotcha, Exelder. I will try to check one out and appreciate your feedback.

  • LV101

    EX Elder -- Probably not much of a JW -- I couldn't believe the lack of common decency, morals/manners and hypocrites inside those halls! Sure, a few were trying to give up their heathen lives, and that's commendable but so judgmental and ignorant! Judgmental sound familiar! Elders pimping for money all the time from me for their fave, lazy, pioneers -- I was so brainwashed to give and give and give to people who hated anyone who wasn't part of their sick click! I wasn't about to give up my good life yet followed the rest of their lies. Read every line in every journal but their adherents couldn't discuss because they were clueless about their own religions' journals -- or, whatever cult term they called them.

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