I am deeply ashamed that I didn't accept evolution until a few years ago...

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    So... I live in Mexico and I am helping with an ESL class (English as a Second Language). Actually, I am helping with two classes. I get two days a week in which I just stand there and have a debate with the class, encouraging as many as possible to just talk... in English.

    Anyways, I like talking about subjects that generate debate. So yesterday, I asked both classes (like 40 people) if they believed evolution was true.

    I was shocked, completely shocked, to learn that over 90% of the people in both classes said yes!

    Let me remind you... this is in Mexico, where, by far, in terms of a large country, the JW's are the most successful in the entire world. (You may say it's the US but actually in terms of publisher to population ratio, Mexico beats the US by miles). Over 82% of the population is Catholic. It is a very religious country.

    It not only shocked me but made me feel ashamed. Very ashamed. It showed me the degree of fundamentalism that the cult imposed upon me.

    Maybe it's because the people that go to those classes are the "cream of the crop" in Mexico?

    Maybe it's the new generation?

    I don't know...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I am deeply ashamed that I didn't accept evolution until a few years ago - that's ok, ILoveTTATT.

    When I first left the JWs I didn't accept evolution straightaway, even though I had some knowledge of it. When I first started college on an Animal Management National Diploma, I still hadn't fully accepted evolution. I think it was due to a misplaced concern for all sides of an argument, all beliefs to be respected.

    But science is very rigorous and thorough, and keeps theories that withstand scrutiny and discards beliefs that don't.

    We should accept evolution at our own pace.

    Edited to add: it's good that people can discuss evolution openly in Mexico.

    It's even better that the majority of both your classes accept evolution.

  • redpilltwice

    Evolution is a fascinating field of study, but it knows several definitions. I believe universal common descent from one cell to all of life's complexity and diversity is a bridge too far.


    I am deeply ashamed that I didn't accept evolution until a few years ago...


    I was raised with WBT$ Creationism..

    It took a lot of us years,to be able to accept/grasp evolution..


    There`s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of..

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  • nicolaou

    Your beliefs, and mine, are irrelevant redpilltwice. The evidence is clear.

    I used to feel ashamed that I was a 35 year old man who still thought he was going to live forever in paradise, silly isn't it?

  • ILoveTTATT2

    Hi Outlaw,

    Thank you for the words.

    However, I realized yesterday that my disbelief in evolution was not because I was simply religious... it was a whole different level... I was kinda expecting my "problem" to be something that was relatively common among the "never been a JW"... but no! It was specifically a problem of being in a fundamentalist cult!

  • millie210

    I personally dont see why shame should be part of it.

    When we know better we believe better. That is just the way it works.

    Pity the man (or woman) who didnt hold some erroneous belief at some point in life and then replace it with a better one when they recognized it.

    That is one of the duties (and joys) of living - to be alert to growth and change and embrace it.

    You sound like a good person with an interesting job ILoveTTATT2!

  • redpilltwice

    Nicoloau, there will always be evidence that thrives on the power of the ruling consensus. There is empirical evidence for micro-evolution, but macro-evolution still depends on a lot of assumptions and connecting-the-dots. I await future research and developments. Not convinced yet.

  • cofty
    macro-evolution still depends on a lot of assumptions and connecting-the-dots - rpt

    Nothing could be more contrary to the facts.

    Not convinced yet.

    Please tell me which books that present the scientific evidence FOR evolution you have studied in recent years?

    Evolution is a fact...

    #1 Protein Functional Redundancy
    Comparing the sequences of amino acids in ubiquitous proteins confirms the relationship between all living things.

    #2 DNA Functional Redundancy
    Comparison of the DNA that codes for the amino acids of ubiquitous proteins predicts the tree of life with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

    #3 ERVs
    Endogenous retroviruses that infected our ancestors are found in the same place of the genome of our closest primate cousins.

    #4 Smelly Genes
    Hundreds of broken genes that used to code for olfactory receptors in our ancestors are still found in our genome.

    #5 Vitamin C
    Why humans can no longer make their own vitamin C and what that tells us about our species' history.

    #6 Human Chromosome 2
    Our second biggest chromosome is made up of two of our ancestors' chromosomes stuck end-to-end.

    #7 Human Egg Yolk Gene
    Humans and our primate cousins have the genes for making vitellogenin and they are all broken in the same way.

    #8 Jumping Genes
    Bits of parasitic code called ALU elements prove our common ancestry with primates.

    #9 Less Chewing More Thinking
    A broken gene for a type of muscle fibre we no longer have tells a story about our evolutionary past.

    #10 Non-Coding DNA
    In common with many other species huge amounts of our genome originated as copying errors.

    #11 Tiktaalik
    An amazing fossil discovery illustrates the transition of life from sea to land.

    #12 Lenski's E.coli Experiment
    An experiment with E.Coli, now in it's third decade, demonstrates the power of natural selection.

    #13 Morris Minor Bonnets
    Evolution has to make do with building on existing designs as illustrated by the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

    #14 Joey Goes to Oz
    Fossil evidence for the origins of marsupials found in Antarctica exactly as predicted.

    #15 Robinson Crusoe
    The biogeography of oceanic islands presents an impossible dilemma for creationism.

    #16 Aquatic Mammals
    An excellent sequence of fossils illustrates the evolutionary journey of whales from land to sea.

    #17 Belyaev's Silver Foxes
    A 50 year breeding programme demonstrates the amazing power of selection and the interconnected nature of genes.

    #18 Fish Fingers
    The evolution of limbs is mapped out in an amazing sequence of ancient fish fossils.

    #19 Goosebumps
    A vestigial reflex bequeathed by our hairier ancestors.

    #20 Lucy in the Sky...
    An exceptional fossil of a 3 million year old hominid.

    #21 Footprints in the Sand...
    Footprints at Laetoli show our Australopithecus afarensis ancestors were bipedal 3.6 million years ago.

    #22 The Hillocks of Hiss...
    A vestigial feature if the human ear shared by 10% of the population demonstrates our evolutionary history.

    #23 Faunal Succession...
    The consistent sequence of fossils found in the rocks can only be explained by evolution.

    #24 The Origin of Your Inner Ear...
    How the bones that reptiles eat with became the bones that we hear with.

    #25 Deep Time...
    Scottish geologist Andrew Hutton discovered the proof of earth's great antiquity.

    #26 Colour Vision...
    How gene duplication - new "information" -and mutation equipped us with trichromatic vision.

    #27 Monkeys, Typewriters, Shakespeare, 747s etc...
    Evolution is a combination of random mutations and non-random selection.

    #28 Something Darwin Didn't Say...
    A long term study of pigeons demonstrates how natural selection acts on a local population.

    #29 Use it or Lose it...
    Fossil genes reveal the history of modern species.

    #30 Your Third Eyelid...
    The remnants of a nictitating membrane reveals our evolutionary history.

    #31 Ten Questions For Creationists ...
    The basic facts about reality covered so far pose an impossible challenge to creationism.

    #32 Sexual Selection
    How female mating preferences led to some of the most remarkable features of living things.

    #33 A Tale About Tails
    Human embryology reveals our primate history.

    #34 Hiccups and Tadpoles
    How hiccups are a relic of our amphibian ancestors.

    #35 Nature Red in Tooth and Claw
    Nature's ability to inflict pain and suffering in the battle for survival.

    #36 Mass Extinctions
    96% of life was wiped out in The Great Dying 250 million years ago.

    #37 Testicles
    The plumbing of the vas deferens gives evidence of our fish ancestry

    #38 The Origin of Complex Cells
    How a merger of simple cells made complexity possible

  • ILoveTTATT2
    You sound like a good person with an interesting job ILoveTTATT2!
    Thank you!

    I volunteer for it actually, no payment no nothing. I do get great pleasure helping people and also getting to know people. I work from home all day and after being a JW, this helps a lot with rebuilding a friends list!

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