Evolution is a Fact #23 - Faunal Succession

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    Born in 1769, William "Strata" Smith was the eldest of five children of a Oxfordshire blacksmith. He had only a basic education but became fascinated by local fossils when he began work on his uncle's farm. His flair for geometry inspired him to learn surveying which led to his career.

    By 1794 he was supervising the building of the Somerset Coal Canal, and was travelling around the country to visit other canal sites. He observed that the same fossils were always found in the same strata and that different species came in a specific order of the strata. He discovered that this pattern was repeated in different parts of the country. Before long he was astonishing the gentlemen fossil collectors by his ability to tell them what formation any of their fossils came from.

    Smith began to map the distinctive rock formations and their fossils and in 1815 he published the world's first geological map of England. Before his death in 1831 he was hailed as "the Father of British Geology". He never attempted to to offer theological explanations for what he observed, he simply documented the pattern of change as an empirical fact about rocks. His work became the basis for mapping and correlating strata all over the world.

    Other paleontologists in France were beginning to make similar discoveries. Baron Georges Cuvier was recording layers of changing species and extinctions in the rocks and he felt the need to reconcile this with his Christian beliefs. He proposed an antediluvian world that had been created and destroyed before the events of Genesis.

    As the evidence continued to accumulate further creation events were needed to account for the facts. By 1842 twenty seven rounds of creation and destruction of previous worlds were required to accommodate the record in the fossils. Cuvier and his colleagues admitted defeat and gave up trying to reconcile the fossil record with the bible. They remained devout christians and, living before Darwin's work was published, continued to accept the creation account of Genesis.

    The work these men began has led to the science of biostratigraphy that fuelled the industrial revolution. Without the realisation that the sequence of rocks covering millions of years of geological history can be identified by a totally predictable pattern of fossils there would be no oil or gas industry. Billions of dollars every year are invested in the truth of biostratigraphy.

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    The fossil record is an amazing accomplishment and once again, refutes religious, creationist claims particularly that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, or that humans are 6,000 years old or that humans lived amongst the dinosaurs.

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    The way that fossils appear in predictable strata is very powerful evidence for evolution. There is no way to explain this phenomena on the basis of creationism.

    Has anybody heard the "head for the hills" explanation? I will describe it later. It illustrates the desperate lengths creationists will go to in order to avoid the facts.

    J.B.S. Haldane famously stated that "fossil rabbits in the Precambrian" would disprove evolution. That is a bit of an exaggeration but it makes a good point. In 150 years of searching millions of fossils have been discovered and all of them in the sequence evolution predicts.

    It is worth remembering that Darwin did not have a fossil record to build his ideas on. Paleontology has shown that he was correct but even if we had no fossils the evidence from DNA would have established the fact of evolution beyond all doubt.

    From the April 1st edition of the IScience blog..

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    The Permian was when the earth was literally the planet of the Trilobites.

    Until the Great Dying...

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    Half banana

    How many geologists or paleontologists are creationists?

    Don't you think it would be a good idea if all schoolchildren were taught the geological column as a matter of course? It would put an end to a lot of creationist nonsense.

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