Evolution is a Fact #10 - Non-Coding DNA

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  • cofty

    Every cell in your body contains a big book of how to build another you.

    Although it's approximately 3 billion letters long only a small fraction of it contains instructions on making humans.

    Imagine trying to use a workshop manual but it reads like somebody messed up at the publishers. There are a few paragraphs of meaningful text followed by pages of gibberish, another page or so of useful instructions then 9 more of random words. Some of it looks like copies of original text but full of typing errors. Sometimes there are a few words repeated over and over thousands of times.

    Your genome looks like a teenage boys bedroom and that is not unique to humans, it is what most genomes look like. By any possible measure a human is more complex than an onion and yet the species Allium sepa has a genome 5 times as large as ours and wild garlic, Allium ursinum is 10 times as big.

    So what's going on? Well a large percentage of the human genome is made up of code that is freeloading. It gets copied along with the code for making proteins and the regulatory code that controls that process, but it contributes nothing to the task of making human bodies.

    Geneticists know exactly how most of it ended up in our genome to begin with. Some of it came from accidental duplication, some of it is old broken genes and a lot of it is made up of various types of transposons. These bits of code use a function similar to copy+paste to insert themselves repeatedly into the code.

    A small percentage of this code has been domesticated and become functional. In a later post we will see how our colour vision was made possible by accidental gene duplication. Some of it is harmful. We saw in thread number 8 that ALU Elements have been linked to heart disease and cancer among other ailments. Most of it is more like that stuff in the shed that might come in handy one day - usually the day after you throw it out.

    The huge amount of non-coding DNA is exactly what evolution would predict. It is a significant challenge to creationism.

    If anybody is tempted to say "Encode" please read this hugely informative paper first.

    On the immortality of television sets: “function” in the human genome according to the evolution-free gospel of ENCODE. by Dan Graur et al ...

    This wild garlic has a genome 10 times bigger than you do!

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  • Fisherman
    Facts cannot be disputed. Since there is basis to dispute evolution, it is not a fact.
  • juandefiero
    Since there is basis to dispute evolution, it is not a fact.

    What scientific basis is there to dispute evolution?

    None whatsoever.

    Ergo, evolution is a fact.

  • cofty

    Every living thing evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years through a process of evolution.

    This is a fact beyond all sensible dispute.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Facts cannot be disputed. Since there is basis to dispute evolution, it is not a fact.

    Facts cannot be disputed. Since there is basis to dispute that the earth is round, it is not a fact.

    I can do it too!

  • Fisherman
    Evolution is a conclusion or interpretation of evidence. It is disputable and falsifiable. It is falsifiable because there is an inherent possibility that it can be proven false, hence it is not a fact. There is no possibility whatsoever for a fact to be falsified -and that is what distinguishes fact from evolution.
  • sir82

    Evolution is a conclusion or interpretation of evidence.

    Well, if you change the meaning of words, then, yeah...

    Evolution is not a "conclusion", it is a "description" of changes that have been observed countless times.

  • Fisherman
    There is no basis whatsoever to dispute that the earth is round (oval,) it is an indisputable fact.
  • cofty

    Fisherman - You are talking gibberish. Are you actually being really clever and ironic because the OP is about gibberish in the genome?

    If so - well played that man!

    If not - then I will allow you to use whatever definition of words makes you happy.

    It doesn't change anything.

    Your ancestor was a fish. This is no less certain than the shape of planet earth. Get over it.

  • Fisherman
    Too bad for you cofty. Do not get angry at me because I have shown that evolution is not fact.

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