Evolution is a Fact #8 - Jumping Genes

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  • cofty

    We have all become familiar with the use of DNA in forensics and paternity disputes. All humans share 99.9% of their genome in common, but that still leaves plenty room for variation.

    Geneticists are able to study sections of DNA that identify an individual and their closest relatives. Mostly these genetic markers are found in our non-coding DNA such as the sections of code known as transposons.

    One type of transposon is known as the ALU element. These tiny bits of parasitic code, just 300 base pairs long, don't code for anything they just hitch a free ride in the genome of all primates. Imagine highlighting 300 characters in a bit of computer code, pressing Ctrl+C, then clicking at a random place and holding down Ctrl+V. Sometimes called "jumping genes", ALU elements have done this so many times that they now make up 10% of the 3 billion letters in our genome.

    Most of them are harmless but some land in the middle of important genes and are associated with diseases such as hemophilia, leukemia, breast cancer, heart disease and anemia.

    Since ALU elements are found in all primates and since their location in the genome is random, they provide a perfect opportunity to study human relationships with other primates. If two identical ALU elements are found in analogous places in the genome of different species it would be evidence that they share a common ancestor.

    The results of this work brilliantly confirmed the common ancestry of humans with other primates. Looking at just one gene, the alpha-globin cluster, seven separate ALU elements have been discovered. All seven of them are found in precisely the same location in the corresponding chimpanzee gene. This puts the evolutionary relationship between humans and chimpanzees beyond all reasonable doubt.

    Anybody who rejects this evidence for human evolution ought to be consistent and refuse to serve on a jury where forensic evidence will be presented.

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  • ttdtt
    Dude you can't believe what godless scientists tell you? Please believe the healthful sayings of some bedouins from 3 thousand years ago. They knew that they should dig a hole to crap in! Now that's science! What more do you need. "return to jah" before it is to late!
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    So .. . . . thanks to COFTY'S "Fact #8" post, we have all learned that Jehovah threw some ALU's in our DNA to PROVE that he knew how to cut-and-paste before any of us poor bastards did.

    What COFTY failed to point out is that Jehovah also used "emojis" well before humans did. Consider the gene that codes for STUPID_BLANK_STARE:


    The evidence for God is literally staring you in the face.

  • talesin

    Very cool, interesting! Nice work, C.

    Now, if we could just make the editorializing disappear, less people would be 'scared off' by the science lesson. It's a thought (come one guys, let's win people over! I'm enjoying this, and I think that even 'believers' can, too!) That is to say, ignore trolling, stay focussed, and have fun with the subject. Throw no arrows. xx


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