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  • redvip2000
    And I'm sitting on the front row, shoulder to shoulder with several techies, so hell no I didn't attempt to record anything.

    Yes this would have to be something to be planned before hand, so that you already walk in ready to record. There are tons of cheap gadgets that are undetectable.

    I actually just bought a shirt button camera, which I am going to use for something... ;) ...more to come on that. I had previously bought glasses which have a hidden camera, but I found them to be too unnatural and you could see the record button on the side if you looked close.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    why no recordings ? what are they afraid of ?

  • Alfred

    Brian J...

    I could not find anything even remotely referring to higher education in any of the 26 outlines or 22 videos of this school. I checked in both English and Spanish.

    So did one of the "instructor" who mentioned this go off script?

    Which talk was he giving? Maybe I missed it the first time.

  • Ding

    Moving forward any elder, ms, or pioneer who themselves or someone under their roof enrolls in higher education, may no longer qualify for privileges in the congregation.

    "Privileges" = opportunities to donate more of your time doing tasks for the borg such as holding out a microphone, similar to the "privilege" of helping Tom Sawyer paint his fence

  • Brian J
    Brian J


    It was discussed in length during the "making recommendations" portion in the afternoon.

    And it was the CO that handled that talk/discussion. I just kept think about my children and comparing to the words flying that afternoon. I pretty much made up my mind at the end of the school that I'm not waiting to step down until my family is out.

    30 year scotch in my office awaits the announcement. Better than Christmas baby.....


  • Alfred

    Brian J... thanks... I found it in outline #8

  • Saename
    Brian J - As was "do not encourage contacting the police but if brought up by the victim do not hinder or make them feel guilty". Immediately render spiritual assistance to the victim is simply not in the vocabulary.

    Really? That was brought up in the school? Because I remember that after the ARC there was a change that elders were supposed to explicitly encourage contacting the police... They just weren't supposed to contact the authorities themselves.

    So I suppose the Watchtower just changed the policy in theory, but in practice it's still same ol' same ol'— meaning don't contact the police, and don't encourage the victim to contact the police.

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  • darkspilver

    darkspilver: FYI, OUTLINES, translated from English to Spanish, for the current one-day 2018 Kingdom Ministry School for Elders

    Now both original ENGLISH outlines and VIDEOS are available to download for the 2018 Ministry School for Elders AND Ministerial Servants.

    (btw, even the Elders don't get to see/know what specific/unique stuff the Ministerial Servants are told)

  • OnTheWayOut
    Just spent 8 hours in a 1 day Elders school last weekend
    Clarification given: "Moving forward any elder, ms, or pioneer who themselves or someone under their roof enrolls in higher education, may no longer qualify for privileges in the congregation. Their qualifications will have to be reviewed by their BOE."
    So if my daughter goes to a 4 year college, my qualifications will be reviewed. Pathetic.
    This is a frekin joke right? The grape juice keeps getting more purple.

    I haven't read your story beyond this OP, I haven't read the responses. Forgive me if the 5 pages have taken a turn and I am late to commenting about this.
    Anyway, if you are staying as an elder for some "helping loved ones" reason, then use this as a further reason should such thing happen in your family. "I was removed because I supported my daughter's further education."

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